Your complete CD care manual: Tips on CD storage and handling

We love our CDs. They serve their purpose and they do it well. This article will show you how to make your CDs last and keep your collection organised. Read on!

CDs need care

Compact discs or CDs are pretty useful because they can store huge amounts of data but there is a catch; CDs are extremely fragile. The smallest of a scratch, fingerprint mark or dust stain can damage your CDs and render them ineffective. CDs are made up of alternating layers of poly carbonate, which is a special type of plastic and metal (usually aluminium). The layers are then covered with a top coat of plastic mixed with lacquer. This topmost lacquer coat is also called the ‘protective layer’ of the CD. Since CDs are made up of sensitive material, you need to focus on CD storage and handling. Warps and surface scratches can adversely impact your CDs ability to store data. You can prevent your CDs from getting damaged by handling your CDs properly and employing simple CD storage techniques. How to handle CDs with care? When you are caring for your CDs, small things matter. Holding your disc the wrong way or touching its surface can cause scratches or cracks that will hinder your CD’s ability to store data. Even your fingerprints can wreak havoc on your disc because they may be acidic enough to cause damage. Therefore, you should avoid touching CDs directly. In order to hold a CD, gingerly place your fingers on the outer edges. You can also use the centre hole for handling purposes. You should also avoid bending your CDs because that can cause serious physical damage. How to store your CDs? CD storage ideas are a hot topic because a lot depends on what kind of CD cases you are using. Extremities in temperature, excessive humidity, dust and even direct sunlight can cause distortion. Similarly, storing discs in horizontal stacks can lead to CD warps. To guard your CDs, store them in: Cool, dark and dry places This is especially important if you are stowing your CDs away for a long time. High temperatures and humidity levels can cause major disc damage. Exposing CDs to direct sunlight can also affect them adversely. Upright position Some people stack their CDs up in horizontal piles. This is a problematic storage method. When discs are stacked horizontally, there is uneven pressure on their surface that can cause breakage and warps. Instead, try storing your CDs vertically or upright (the same way you store books on a shelf). If you have the time and money to build CD storage shelves, well and good. If not, you can use these cute  CD storage boxes by NEO Online instead. Their in-built quality sleeves will keep your discs upright and organised. Specialized CD cases The goal here is to keep dust and damp away from your CDs. While some use paper sleeves for CD storage, we strongly recommend that you use CD storage cases with gripping grooves instead. That is because storing CDs in paper sleeves can cause scratches. CD cases have gripping grooves that secure your discs in place and prevent scratches. How to clean and label your CDs? Cleaning your CDs is important. CDs that are coated in dust will fail to function. To prevent this from happening, always put your discs in their cases when you are not using them. If you are storing CDs for the long term, we recommend that you take them out for a periodic cleaning session. Use a clean and soft swatch of cotton fabric to wipe dust, stains and fingerprints off your CD. Start from the centre of the disc and gently wipe in a straight line towards its outer edge. Do NOT wipe your CDs in a circular motion. You may use a CD cleaning detergent, isopropyl alcohol solution or methanol to get rid of stubborn stains. For labelling, use a non-solvent based felt tip permanent marker. About Neo Media Neo Online is your one-stop shop for media and data storage solutions. We have been fulfilling the storage needs of individuals and businesses in the UK for over a decade now. Neo Media’s  collection features quality media storage options including CD cases, DVD storage boxes, vinyl storage solutions, accessories, choice computer hardware and more.

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