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Why Do Gaming Keyboards have RGB Lights?

Gaming keyboards are a common commodity among the gaming community, especially due to the number of benefits they offer in terms of improving gaming performance. However, gaming keyboards are known for their aesthetics as well, which is another major contributing factor to their popularity. One such aesthetic upgrade is the pre-fitted RGB lighting system that is commonly found within these keyboards.

For those that are not familiar with these lighting systems and are not sure as to why these are incorporated into keyboards, we have you covered, as Neo features an in-depth article explaining why gaming keyboards have RGB lights.

What is RGB Lighting?

Before delving into the main question, it is essential to first understand what exactly RGB lighting is and what it entails. In general, RGB lighting refers to the continuously changing colorful lighting that is commonly observed in gaming equipment. RGB stands for ‘red, green, and blue’, the three colours that are used in this type of lighting.

These three colours are then mixed to produce all sorts of colours and hues, resulting in the colourful and vibrant palettes that we see in most keyboards and mice.

Why Do Gaming Keyboards have RGB Lights?

Picture of a gaming gear with RGB lights

Gaming keyboards are manufactured with RGB lights as there is a high demand for such specifications. While each person may have their own opinion as to why they prefer to have RGB lighting on their keyboards, some reasons remain the same throughout the community.

Primarily, RGB keyboards allow gamers to customize their equipment with colours that speak to them. This gives them the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity through the medium closest to them – gaming equipment.

Moreover, some gamers prefer to set up their gaming systems in a darker room, be it for aesthetic purposes or simply a lack of lighting. Therefore, having a colourful keyboard allows them to locate specific keys with much more ease and comfort.


Be it for easier navigation or simple aesthetic purposes, RGB lights are a must on gaming keyboards, and the general consensus agrees with this statement. RGB lights have long been associated with the gaming community, meaning any equipment that has anything to do with gaming should also reflect the same sentiments. Moreover, these lights also serve a few other technical functions such as easier navigation for gamers. 

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