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What is the Plastic Material of CD Cases?

Compact disc or CDs are made from extremely lightweight materials, which is why they come enclosed in a sturdy transparent case generally made out of plastic. Considering the fragile nature of these discs and their aluminium layer, the cases they come in must be made from a sturdy and non-reactive material. 

Knowing the type of material these cases are made from can come in handy, especially if you have old CDs that you need to safely store. In this article, Neo offers some insight about the plastic material that CD cases are made of.

CD Case Material

Commonly known as jewel cases, CD cases are made using durable material to secure the dics, all the while being extremely lightweight to ensure the disc is not damaged by the cover’s own weight. The most commonly used material for making these cases in bulk is ‘polystyrene’, a material that is both cost-effective and clear. However, the very same clarity causes these cases to be fragile compared to their counterparts. Moreover, the material is non-biodegradable and toxic if burned, making it harmful for the environment.

An alternative is also available for making these cases – ‘polypropylene’ – a material that is stronger and more flexible. This is a stiff plastic and is generally used for DVD cases. These cases also contain rubber, making them semi-flexible and pliable. Since they are slightly more expensive than polystyrene cases, their uses remain limited to DVDs and other high-quality discs.


Despite the growing popularity of digital media, physical media in the form of CDs and DVDs still remains strong, which can be seen in the form of bulk manufacturing of CD cases. CD cases play an essential role in keeping these discs safe, which is why knowing the types of cases and their materials is important in case you want to store a valuable disc safely. Since the wrong type of casing can be detrimental to your disc, ensure that you know the type of casing before storing your CDs inside.

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