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What is the Difference between a Digipak and a CD case?

Despite being an uncommon form of media storage due to digitisation, CDs and DVDs still remain a strong contender in terms of market value. This is also evident from the different types of CD packaging available in the market, with each one offering varied protection and durability. 

A popular type of CD storage medium is a digipak, a type of sturdy and durable packaging for CDs. It serves as a counterpart to regular CD casing. In this article, Neo sheds light on what digipaks are and the difference between a digipak and a regular CD case.

What is a Digipak?

Similar to regular jewel casing, a digipak is a CD casing that is made out of sturdy and durable material, with an added bonus of a plastic tray. The disc snaps into this plastic tray, ensuring that it stays put and secure within the packaging. Moreover, the outer shell of these cases is made out of a hard cardboard, further adding core strength and durability to the overall casing.

This secure and environmentally-friendly nature of this plastic casing led to its immense popularity over the years. Today, this casing is one of the most preferred types of casing among CD connoisseurs.

Difference between Digipak and a CD Case

The two types of casing inherently serve the same purpose, but they also come with a number of stark differences that need to be addressed. Primarily, the two differ in the way they keep discs secure. A regular CD casing simply encloses a disc within itself, while a digipak offers a plastic tray in which you can snap your disc shut, keeping it secure and tight in one place. 

Another major difference lies in the structure of the two casing. Regular CD casing is made out of a simple, thin plastic casing. On the other hand, digipaks also come with a cardboard casing on the outside, ensuring maximum sturdiness and durability.

The Bottom Line

Despite being two different methods of storing CDs, the two essentially serve the same purpose. However, it is pertinent to highlight the difference between the two, in case you’re confused between which one to opt for. Even though digipaks offer clear advantages compared to regular CD casing, they are also much more expensive, so consider your budget and opt for the right casing accordingly.

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