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What is the Best Way to Store a CD?

Despite being mediums that are capable of carrying immense amounts of data, compact discs are known for their fragility, giving way to scratches and dents quite easily. To avoid getting your valuable vinyl and CDs damaged, it is essential to store them safely, within a covered case. With new movies and video games piling up in the market, you’re bound to have a shelf full of random CDs lying around.

Many remain unaware that there are several ways to store CDs properly, ensuring an organised storage system along with a secure space. In this article, Neo explains some of the best ways to store a CD.

Best Ways to Store a CD

There are several ways to ensure a safe and secure storage space for your CDs, but the key is finding the one that suits your setting best. Following are some of the ways you can store your CDs.

CD/DVD Binder

picture of a CD/DVD Binder
CD/DVD bag

For those that don’t mind toning down on the external visuals, a CD binder is a good way to store heaps of CDs together safely. This method ensures your CDs remain secure while using minimal space. You can further store these binders safely on a shelf or even within your closet. However, you’ll have to mark the CDs to remember which one is which, as there is a high chance you might mix the collection together otherwise.

CD Storage Boxes

Another way to safely store your CDs is to employ storage boxes. You can find several types of storage boxes that are specifically designed for CDs, as they offer separate compartments for storing your CDs safely. Aluminium storage boxed for CDs are some of the best options out there, offering a sleek storage option with maximum safety.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also opt for a simple box and store all your CDs within. This option is better for storing CDs in the attic or a storage room, perfect for CDs that are no longer in use or are not regularly used.

Media Rack

As the name suggests, a media rack is a specifically-designed CD shelf that offers several tiers with optimal storage space. This option is perfect for those that prefer to showcase their collection. This gives you the opportunity to proudly display your CDs anywhere in your room, as the rack can even be hung on your walls.

CD Visor

picture of a CD Visor

For those that want to store a collection of CDs in their car, a CD visor is the perfect choice. This device serves as an organiser made out of mesh, easily attachable to your overhead window visor. These visors can offer storage space for up to 10 CDs.


Finding the perfect answer for storing CDs has never been easier as you can find several products that work as a solution. Ensure your CDs and DVDs remain perfectly secure with the above-mentioned tips and products, not only saving you space but also allowing you to proudly showcase your collection.

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