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What is an LP record?

LP (long playing) is one of the many vinyl record formats available. For laymen, vinyl serves as the generic term that encompasses most of these phonographic music playing mediums. LP records are one of these records that have their own specifications and workings, and for music enthusiasts, becoming knowledgeable in their working’s is a must.

Whether you’re new to music or are an industry expert, understanding what LP records are is a must. To explain this question in detail, Neo features an article explaining what an LP record is.

What is an LP record?

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In simple terms, an LP is a long-playing vinyl record. Generally, this refers to a 33 ⅓ microgroove vinyl record. Despite their popularity taking a dip due to digitisation, these discs have still retained a share in the market as recording artists regularly use them for their albums. 

LP records are called long-playing as they have a much larger capacity as compared to their counterparts, meaning they could hold a full-length album inside. On average, an LP album can incorporate upto 10-12 tracks easily. 

Moreover, the records’ 33 ⅓ rpm speed puts them at an advantage as this allows for much higher capacity for storing songs and media. During the height of their popularity, this number was more than double of what other records could hold since they were set at around 78rpm.

The Bottom Line

A variant of regular vinyls, LPs are the most popular ones mostly owing to their 33 ⅓ rpm and higher capacity. For those that have a keen interest in music and vinyl records, understanding how these records work is essential. Despite digital media and mp3 formats taking over, vinyls are finally making a comeback and LP formats will soon dominate the record market.

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