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What is a Jewel CD Case?

Compacts discs or CDs have a number of options available in terms of packaging and casing. Ranging from regular CD cases to jewel boxes and digipaks, finding ways to securely store your CDs is no hassle. However, many remain unaware of what these cases are and what differentiates them from their counterparts.

This article focuses on jewel cases, a popular form of storing CDs securely and safely. Neo features a complete overview of what jewel cases are and what they entail.

What is a Jewel CD Case?

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Also known as a jewel box, jewel cases are small cases that safely enclose discs within them. Being one of the first disc packaging introduced in the market, jewel cases are still widely used. These cases also come with an insert, which could be in the form of a one-page cover or a complete multi-page booklet.

The centre of a jewel case has a hub or spider which secures the CD safely inside. Moreover, this casing is extremely cost-efficient, meaning its wide-spread use won’t be going down in the next couple of years.

However, jewel cases also come with their fair share of downsides. Firstly, these cases are highly brittle and offer no flexibility, meaning they can break quite easily. This can make storing your discs in jewel cases quite risky. If you keep your discs in a jewel casing, ensure that the case is kept safely in a separate shelf or storage area since even a minor impact can cause the brittle plastic to shatter, in turn damaging your discs.

You can find jewel cases made out of sturdier and more durable material as well, but they still pale in comparison to other packaging options such as digipaks. Moreover, their complete plastic body makes them harmful for the environment, as they tend to leave a massive carbon footprint.


Jewel cases are one of the most popular types of casing available, owing to their affordable yet secure nature. Understanding how this casing functions and what it has to offer is essential before you get one for your own CD collection. Despite being similar to regular disc casing, jewel cases offer a few more benefits such as a sturdier body and a secure hub that keeps the discs in one place. Depending on your needs and budget, jewel casing can be the perfect choice for your needs.

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