Most Valuable Vinyl Records Revealed!

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The recent bombshell news around town is that vinyl sales have most definitely overtook digital record sales for the very first time in the UK. But that could be due to Christmas or new year, and people giving out gifts, but we feel that it’s not the case entirely. But good news for you as we bring to you the best and most valuable vinyl record finds of any decade according to the website, the Sun. If you are into vinyl music than surely you must have hear about the DO I LOVE YOU (INDEED I DO) by frank Wilson which costs a hefty £25,000. Pay the money and this memoir will be yours. It’s a highly valuable collectible as only 5 of the original 250 are now existent. This might be a worthwhile investment if you really dig vinyl music or have money to spare. Then comes the infamous white album belonging to the Beatles which can be yours if you meet the costly £730,000 price tag. If you already are a lucky owner then be sure to get yours checked out and have it priced in the market. It’ll be sure to fetch you some decent cash. Another collectible record to watch out or is the sex pistols, god save the queen. This record costs about £12,000 because the label company was able to only make 300 of these before they left their clients. Priced reasonably at the sum of £3000 when compared to the rest in this blog, is the record, led zeppelin by led zeppelin. If you want to make this is a long-term investment then be sure to look out for the cover and the font being in turquoise rather than in orange. Vinyl specialist Phil Barton has also given is say on the subject matter. He, through the website The Daily Mirror, informed us about his findings on other expensive vinyl records. He jotted down That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger by The Quarrymen priced at £100,000. The reason for this price tag is because the original is the only known pre-Beatles copy of the album which was recorded locally by the Beatles band members. Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m In Love With My Car by Queen was also mentioned in the same article which can be owned by you if you pay £5,000. The reason why this is such as valuable find is that supposedly, this single was an invite to a company event if you have this record, the pen, the matches, a scarf, a menu, the ticket, an EMI goblet and an outer card sleeve. He also made mention of Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m In Love With My Car by Queen which could be yours for £5,000. Apparently, the special edition of the single was actually an invite to a company event as well and if you have the record, matches, the pen, the ticket, a scarf, a menu, the outer card sleeve and an EMI goblet then you’ll have a very valuable collection on your hands. But if you also own a collection even without these collectibles, be sure to store and protect your collection as art deserves that attention and care Be sure to check out these vinyl storage boxes to secure your collection.

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