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Tips for Taking Care of your Vinyl Records When Storing Them

Vinyl record sales have seen a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. In 2020, 5 million vinyl records were sold and this figure was 11.5% higher than the figure back in 2019. This change and increase in sales are mainly because people can’t attend festivals or gigs like Glastonbury. As an alternative, people have decided to go for vinyl records and it seems that this upward trend will continue in its path into 2022 as well until things go back to normal.

According to the BPI, the revenues generated from Vinyl sales are set to takeover CDs in 2021. This revelation was brought to our knowledge by the BPI’s CEO when he responded to a report.

Though, with all these sales and newer albums releasing in vinyl format, what do we know about vinyl record storage? Well, anyone would say just storing them in a vinyl storage box or arranging them by alphabet.

That may seem simple but there are certain caveats you need to be mindful of when storing your vinyl record collection. Here are some important pointers to make sure your collection lasts longer:

1.Invest in Vinyl Sleeves

Vinyl sleeves are your best friends when it comes to storing vinyl records. Make sure that the surface of the sleeve is smooth to protect the grooves on the vinyl record. Do not buy paper sleeves as they are coarse and rough and will cause scratches on the vinyl.

2.Check the Temperature of Where You Store Your Vinyl Collection

Records these days can withstand low temperatures but require a moderate 7-10 Celsius temperature when storing long term. You can store records that you use regularly at a slightly higher temperature at around 18-21 Celsius. Anything higher than that will damage and warp your records thus destroying their sound quality.

3.A sturdy vinyl storage box

If you have a large collection of records then you might as well invest in vinyl storage boxes mainly due to their capacity. Another plus point of buying a storage box is that it saves your room from the clutter of your collection making it nice, tidy and freeing up space for other things. However, please make sure that you’ve put your records in a vinyl sleeve before placing them inside the box.

4.Invest in a Turntable Stand

Turntables, as well known are pivotal for any vinyl collection otherwise how will you listen to the tunes you have gathered. We recommend investing in a good turntable, the ones which also come with storage capabilities. That is because it saves up money as it is a two-for-one deal, you can enjoy high-quality music, while also having a decent storage option.

5.Handling vinyl records

The simplest thing on this list is knowing how to handle vinyl records. Carefully, only use your hands to touch the records on the edges and not the centre as it damages the record. This is an important tip because you can store with care all you want but unless you aren’t physically careful you’ll end up undoing all the hard work and money you spent to preserve your collection.

Final thoughts

These were some tips from our behalf to ensure that your collections stand the test of time and you can enjoy them longer. If you’re a concerned vinyl record collector looking to take care of your record collection then look no further than Neo-Online for all your vinyl record needs!

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