The Key Gaming Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Bob Dylan once sang, “Times they are a changing” and honestly it couldn’t be more true. Technology is moving and changing our lives incredibly quickly these days and what we think is cutting edge today is really outdated the next. Gaming enthusiasts can relate to this more as the gaming industry is growing at an incredible pace and gaming companies are capitalizing on advance AI technologies to make the gaming experience more and more rich for users. We are moving towards the end of 2019 and honestly, it has been another great year for gamers. Gaming gadgets such as gaming chairs and gaming desks have seen advancements. It would be fair to call 2019 “The year of PUBG” as the game has taken over the world by storm. 2020 is just around the corner and here are some of our predictions for what 2020 will bring for the gaming enthusiasts.
  1. Virtual Reality VR
Remember Kevin from the movie Tron? The millennials might not know much about the movie. The protagonist Kevin played by Flynn is dragged into the VR world where he defeats the villain with the help of a software program Tron. The movie was released in 1982 and the audience went crazy experiencing a futuristic piece of technology on the screens. We are no more in 1982 and VR has reached stratospheric heights already but in gaming, the VR sets are still lacking the graphic capabilities. Owing to the increase in number of VR numbers as in 2020, we expect a significant improvement in the quality of graphics as users are demanding highly realistic experiences. It would be interesting to see how innovative operators like mFortune Bingo are going to incorporate the concept.
  1. Holographic gaming
Hologram technology has been making quite a buzz lately as many of the broadcasting companies have already adopted the technology and the viewer reviews have been great. Gaming Companies for years have been investing in developing holographic gaming and in 2020 we expect that holographic gaming will finally make into the mainstream. Gamers will enjoy a lifelike experience and topped up with 3D glasses, the holograms will provide gamers with a highly immersive experience. With the Hologram technology, the gamers will no longer have to stick to the locations where TV screens are available and will be able to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere, they want.
  1. 3D Will Move into the Overdrive
3D is now in almost every form of entertainment where visuals are included. Currently, not all games are being developed with built-in 3D technologies however, in 2020, we expect 3D visuals a standard for all games to be released. The vision is to make gaming experience as real as possible. Gamers are yearning to have rich experience and 3D scanning accompanied with facial recognition technology will allow systems to create a custom avatar that will look just like you. This may even allow gamers to inventively transfer their own expressions to other digital creations as well as there is a possibility that the eye and head tracking will be introduced that will further make the experience more rich and detailed. Intel has launched the Intel “RealSense” 3D camera that will allow game developers to create gaming characters that could adapt to the emotions of the player by scanning 78 different points on his/her/zer face.
  1. 5G Technology
Of all the technologies that are going to affect gaming, it would be interesting to see how 5G will influence the gaming industry. 5G will bring lightning fast internet speed and one thing that we are pretty much sure about is that there will be a decrease in indoor gaming purchases as users will turn more to the downloads. To be fair, it is hard to predict the impact of 5G on gaming. The experts believe that there will be a massive boom cloud-based gaming and the 5G service will bring more multiplayer gamer and subscription titles amongst other things. 5G will surely create a real explosion in mobile gaming this year. Since people are incredibly busy these days and can’t always find the time to sit down at home to play their favourite PC or Xbox game, but being able to play on their smartphones means they can dip in and out on the commute home, or when they’ve got a spare 20 minutes or so. With 5G improving the mobile gaming experience, mobile gaming is sure to drive take-up this year!
  1. ShiftFrom Big Studio Games
Gone are those days when gamers used to keep eyes fixated on big gaming studios for their huge release. Today, there are plenty of cool low-key developers out there that are releasing really cool games every now and then. Thanks to the availability of cool development kits, you can develop a good game even in low budget. It’ll also be interesting to see how Hatch, a start-up launched in November 2016, that serves as a streaming service for mobile games, does this year. It features a live feed so it not only brings games to people over streaming but can also make it a really sociable experience that can be shared with friends and family. You can make comments, like posts and share videos on other social media sites, just like you would on Facebook and Twitter.

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