The Best Ways To Protect Your Vinyl Records, LPs, and 7″ Singles.

A vinyl record collection is no doubt a really cool possession. It reflects your taste, style, and sophistication, and let’s not forget the appreciation value. If you own a record collection, you most likely want to know how best to keep your labels in optimal conditions.

Caring for Vinyl Records

Caring properly for your records is the only way to ensure that they stay in tip-top conditions for as long as they are in your possession or custody. Protecting your vinyl records is a round-the-clock mandate. It involves practices from storing to handling to cleaning your records regularly. Basically, you should make sure that your records are free from dust and other particles at all times.

Handling Vinyl Records

When you are handling your vinyl labels, it is worth mentioning that you should not touch the surface, it is usually best to handle your records at the edges and, or inner label.  You should also ensure your records spend very minimal time out in the open to avoid contact with dust and other airborne debris.

Cleaning Your Records

Cleaning your records regularly is not negotiable as it removes dust which is one of the greatest threats to your vinyl records. The process isn’t quite so complicated, but care must be taken to avoid scratching the records. Basically, you can use a carbon fiber brush which has thin bristles that can penetrate the grooves of the record to remove dirt.

Alternatively, you can also use specialized cleaning products with a microfiber cloth. These are also available online and in your local stores.  A bit of a hack is to make your own cleaner at home: simply use 12 oz. of distilled water, 2 oz. alcohol and 2 drops of clear laundry detergent. Mix it all into a spray bottle, and you are set.

Your records can also be cleaned using vinyl record vacuum cleaners. These cleaners can suck the debris and particles right out of the grooves of your records with little or no friction, they also apply a thin layer of cleaning fluid which serves as additional cleaning and better protection.

Vinyl Storage

Your vinyl records most likely spend the bulk of the time in storage, and if not properly stored, they can get damaged while in storage. Vinyl storage is not that complicated.

All you need to do is ensure that your records are safe from environmental factors (like dust, damp, sun) and stored vertically. Storing your records horizontally, especially in a stack can cause them to warp. A vinyl storage rack or a vinyl  record storage box would be enough to safely store your records vertically. When picking a vinyl storage option, be mindful of the dimensions of your vinyl records, for example select a 7” vinyl case only for 7” labels.

When storing your records, it is advisable to use record sleeves and for your LPs, LP sleeves. These are quite different from the paper sleeves that come with the records. The paper sleeves actually do more harm to your records rather than protecting them. By continually sliding records in and out of paper sleeves, the paper will slowly scratch the record.

Using Record sleeves and LP sleeves is a more advisable way to protect your records from dust as well as friction. Record sleeves and LP sleeves made from plastic reduce the friction and protect your records from dust. They can be purchased online from Neo Media or your local music store

About Neo Media

Neo Online is your one-stop shop for media and data storage solutions. We have been fulfilling the storage needs of individuals and businesses in the UK for over a decade now.

 Neo Media collection features quality vinyl storage options for both 7” and 12” vinyl records.  Our vinyl care collection features a wide variety of durable products including record cases, 7&12” record flight cases, vinyl record storage boxes, poly sleeves and more.


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