The Best Selling Vinyl Records in 2021 (So Far!)

Vinyl sales all over the UK continue to rise, following the trend for the past few years. This year’s best selling vinyl so far has been Lana Del Rey’s, ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’.

The album, released back in March, so far, has sold 20,000 vinyl copies. The figure trumps every other vinyl release this year and went atop the mountain, of the UK’s official year-to-date vinyl albums chart. Lana garnered heavy praise for her work in this album and it shows when we observe that 16,700 out of the 20,000 were sold in the very first week! This feat earned Lana’s album the title of being the fastest-selling vinyl album of the century, made by a woman.

The Vinyl Trend, Why?

As stated earlier, vinyl record sales have seen a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. In 2020, 5 million vinyl records were sold and this figure was 11.5% higher than the figure back in 2019. This change and increase in sales are mainly because people can’t attend festivals or gigs like Glastonbury. As an alternative, people have decided to go for vinyl records and it seems that this upward trend will continue in its path until things go back to normal.

According to the BPI, the revenues generated from Vinyl sales are set to takeover CDs in 2021. This revelation was brought to our knowledge by the BPI’s CEO when he responded to a report.

Other Best Sellers

Coming at in number 2, it’s Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend with 18200 sales. While British rock pair Royal Blood round off the Top 3 with their album Typhoons on 15000 sales.

Also in the Top 10, Foo Fighters’ Medicine At Midnight is at number 5. Whereas pop band London Grammar place at number 8 with their album record Californian Soil. Evermore by Taylor Swift completes the top ten, her album was released in vinyl format in May.

Although the bulk of the highest-selling vinyl albums of 2021 were published this year, few of the classics still prove to be a popular choice for the people.

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 record Rumours ranks at Number 4 in the year-to-date chart and Queen’s Greatest Hits places in at number 11. Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black comes in at 12. Nirvana’s Nevermind is at 19th, and Oasis’ What’s The Story Morning Glory fall inside the Top 40.

British singer-songwriter and poet Arlo Parks claims the spot for the best-selling debut album on vinyl so far this year with Collapsed In Sunbeams at 13th place. This breakout album is followed by debut album records W.L. by The Snuts at 14th and Not Your Muse by Celeste in at 15th.

Vinyl singles

Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar claims the spot for the bestselling singles album on vinyl in 2021 so far. That could also be why that the limited edition release on vinyl outsold all the bestsellers in February and March.

You’re a lucky person if you managed to get your hands on one or more of the vinyl records we’ve revealed, but now it gets harder, taking care of vinyl’s isn’t easy. Make sure to also get a Vinyl sleeve or storage box for proper care so you get the best out of the record for years to come.


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