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The Resurgence of Vinyl: A Record-Breaking Triumph Over CDs

The Resurgence of Vinyl In a resounding victory for the world of music collectors and enthusiasts, vinyl records have staged a triumphant comeback, outselling CDs in the US for the first time since 1987. The allure of physical albums is making a powerful resurgence, with a remarkable shift that has sent waves of excitement through […]

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How Should You Store Vinyl Records?

Vinyl collectors invest a lot in highly sought-after records, but many overlook the fact that it is important to invest in their proper storage as well. Otherwise, it is likely that they would get damaged over time because of careless handling.  Neo-Online gives a list of tips below to store and maintain your vinyl collection.  […]

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Should You Store Records in Plastic Sleeves?

A scratched surface, faded artwork, a warped record — we have all been there before.  Despite being one of the most durable physical music formats to date, records can be subject to poor playback sound quality if they are not properly stored. Plus it’s not just about the records — without proper protection, the covers […]