12" LP Vinyl Storage Case

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Vinyl storage made simple 
Make vinyl storage easy and fun with our range of vinyl storage boxes. Our vinyl storage collection was created especially for vinyl lovers who need to organise their collection and keep it safe.

It features a variety of options so you can easily pick a storage box according to your needs and aesthetic preferences. Pick a flag-themed box or a camo box to personalise your vinyl collection and liven up your space.

Key features of vinyl cases 
Compact and sturdy, all our cases were specially designed to protect 12” vinyl records from warps, scratches, and breakage. Vinyl records are fragile and sensitive to any accidental knocks or drops and they also need to be kept away from sun, dust, and spillage.

The smallest of a scratch can adversely affect your audio quality. The soft velvety material coupled with the exterior which is made from high-quality aluminium ensures ultimate protection.

Are you looking for a vinyl record storage unit like a flight case? Then check out the lightweight yet sturdy material of our cases along with the added handle means you can conveniently transport your records wherever you want. Keep your vinyl safe whether you’re driving across the country or across Europe!

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