12" LP Vinyl Storage

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Make vinyl storage easy and fun with our range of vinyl storage boxes. Our vinyl storage collection was created especially for vinyl lovers. It features a variety of options so you can easily pick a storage box according to your needs and aesthetic preferences. Pick a flag-themed box or a camo box to personalise your vinyl collection and liven up your space.

Compact and sturdy, all our cases were specially designed to protect to 12” vinyl records from warps, scratches, and breakage. Vinyl records are fragile and sensitive to externalities. They need to be kept away from sun, dust, and spillage. The smallest of a scratch can adversely affect your audio quality. That is why all our boxes are lined with a soft velvety material. The exterior is made from high-quality aluminum that is lightweight yet sturdy.

Neo Online has been providing top quality media storage and packaging options to vinyl enthusiasts for over a decade now. Browse our collection to put your vinyl in order.