7" Single Vinyl storage Flight Cases

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Why 7” singles flight storage boxes? 
Looking for storage boxes for 7” singles? We have the perfect storage solutions! Vinyl records need to be stored and handled with care because they are sensitive and fragile. The tiniest of a fingerprint, dust speck, or scratch can affect the audio output and, in some cases, completely destroy the record.

Old vinyl, especially, need to be cared for in order to preserve their life span and keep them playing music from the past. That is why it is vital to keep vinyl records away from dust, damp, and spillages - and our 7” large stackable vinyl storage boxes will help you do just that.

Compact and easy to carry 
They also feature a convenient handle for easy handling. With our 7 inch record cases you can organise your collection, declutter your vinyl shelves, and save major space by investing in one of these. The interior is lined with soft velvety material that protects the vinyl against scratches and shock.

Choosing the proper storage case 
Each of our vinyl storage boxes is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminium that offers protection to its contents. Since the boxes are compact and portable, they are ideal for home storage or when you’re on the go.

The variety in sizes 
We stock up on vinyl storage boxes of all sizes and colours so whether you have a small collection (50 vinyl records) or a huge one (500 vinyl records), whether you want a classy storage box or a vibrant one that brightens up your space, you can find them here.

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