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Storage Boxes

We offer a wide range of storage boxes, including vinyl record storage boxes, budget vinyl record storage boxes, and storage boxes for CD/DVDs.

Types of Storage Boxes:

CD DVD Storage Case: Durable Aluminium body and dual handles on both sides make carrying easy

Singles Vinyl Record Storage Case: With Reinforced Corners to offer maximum protection

Vinyl Record Case- Flight Carry Case Box: Our product ensures secure and spacious storage solutions with a massive storage capacity, unbreakable hinges, and a fool-proof lockable lid.

Universal DJ Turntable Flight Case: Designed for convenience, with an easy-to-grasp handle. Padded with soft velvet for added protection.

Different Sizes

Our vinyl record storage boxes come in various sizes and capacities so that you can find the perfect container for your needs. Whether you're looking for a large record storage box or a compact one, we have you covered. Plus, all our boxes are stackable to maximise your storage space.

Explore Storage Box Sizes:

12″ LP Vinyl Storage Case (50 Capacity)

12″ Vinyl LP Record Storage Case (100 Capacity)

7″ Inch Single Vinyl Record Storage (100 capacity)

7” Singles Vinyl Storage Case (200 Capacity)

7″ Singles Vinyl Record Storage Case (300 Capacity)

7″ Singles Vinyl Storage case (500 Capacity)