Covers for 12" LP records

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When it comes to preserving your beloved vinyl collection, investing in top-notch record sleeves and covers is an absolute must. Our carefully crafted sleeves and covers are designed specifically for 12″ LP records, ensuring a perfect fit for your treasured albums. Whether you're a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or just starting your collection, our products offer the ideal solution to keep your records safe from dust, scratches, and other potential damages.

Sales and Prices

We understand the importance of both quality and affordability, which is why we strive to provide the best value for your money. Our sleeves and covers boast the perfect balance between competitive prices and superior protection. Unlike flimsy alternatives, our products are crafted from durable materials that stand the test of time. Plus, with our regular sales and discounts, you can stock up on all the protection your vinyl collection needs without stretching your budget.

Customization Offer

Stand out from the crowd and give your record collection a personal touch with our customization offer. We provide a range of options to make your sleeves and covers unique to you. Choose from various colors, patterns, and even add your name or favorite artwork to the covers. Not only do custom covers add a touch of individuality, but they also make organizing and identifying your albums a breeze.