Paper & Card Sleeves for CD DVD and Blu Ray Discs

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Why use Cardboard and Paper sleeves?  
Protect your CDs, DVDs, and other valuables with our premium quality cardboard cd storage sleeves. Not only are paper sleeves an affordable option for CD/DVD and vinyl storage, but they are also an ideal packaging solution if you are looking for eco-friendly DVD cases or vinyl storage options. You can also use card mailers and paper sleeves for postal purposes.

CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records are extremely sensitive to environmental factors. The tiniest of scratches and dust stains can impair their function and cause warps. Paper and card sleeves can keep your discs safe from scratches, dust, and sun. They are also very useful if you want to mail discs or records over a long distance.

The Neo online promise!  
Neo Online is the best one-stop shop for CD/DVD and vinyl storage and packaging options. We have been providing businesses as well as individuals the best media packaging solutions for over a decade now. Explore our collection of paper and card sleeves to keep your discs safe.