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Why should you always opt for Neo Online?  
Welcome to Neo Online! We are your one-stop-shop for all things related to vinyl storage . Explore our diverse collection of vinyl dividers to reduce the clutter in your vinyl storage boxes and organise your vinyl records. All our LP dividers are made from high-quality and breakage resistant plastic that will last a long time and protect your vinyl records.

Why Are Vinyl Dividers absolutely necessary for every Collector?  
Vinyl Storage Case dividers are a must-have, especially if you have a huge collection. They can be used to partition your vinyl sleeves and create sections. This can help you reduce clutter and become more organised. All you need to do is section your vinyl storage case , using a divider, and then insert labels or use a black marker to label it and voila! no longer will you have to dig through a pile of records to find the one you are looking for. Dividers can also be used to index the records in a collection and can keep you from losing them.

The Vinyl Storage Collection  
In our line-up, you will find vinyl dividers in many colours and sizes. Pick between sophisticated black dividers or white ones. Whether you need dividers for your 7” LP case or you need them for a 12” vinyl storage box , you will find them all here. Explore our collection right now!

-7” white colour plastic vinyl dividers

-Same colour front and back dividers.

-Pack of 25 dividers per order.

-.030 polystyrene plastic

-Used for organizing CD

-High-quality vinyl plastic

NEO online offers a premium quality 7” elegant white divider that can be helpful for dividing disks in the box or on a shelf.