Sleeves & Wraps

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Sleeves and wraps are considered staples when it comes to DVD, CD, or vinyl storage or distribution. Whether you want to seal your discs and are on the lookout for aesthetic packaging options or you want a layer of extra protection for them, sleeves are a convenient and budget-friendly way to get there. Sleeves and wraps also present an affordable alternative to conventional disc packaging, which is why they are preferred by distributors and other professionals.

Neo Online stocks up on a wide variety of sleeves and wraps to make vinyl storage a breeze for everyone. From plastic (pp) sleeves to eco-friendly paper sleeves, from anti-static wraps for vinyl records to CD mailer envelopes, you will find a wide range of reliable media storage options in our collection.

Neo Online has been catering to the CD, DVD, and vinyl storage needs of hundreds of hundreds of individuals as well as businesses. We have been providing efficient and cost-effective storage solutions for more than a decade. Browse our collection to put your discs in order!