Sleeve wraps

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Sleeves & wraps from our exclusive collection combine design and function. Our carefully picked selection has different variations of sizes and capacities so that you can choose according to your needs. Our Plastic protection sleeves are convenient to use, thanks to their simple yet effective design. Along with protecting your discs, it maximises your storage space. You can bend or fold it without tearing it apart. The record sleeve organises your disc collection and instantly lets you find your desired disc. The transparent sleeves with blank covers allow the user to customise them. Make them appealing with personalised labels!

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  • Strong and durable products
  • Years of professional experience in the media & packaging industry
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  • An extensive collection of storage & optical media products
  • Wide range of sizes to cater every customer’s need

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CD-R DVD-R Card Mailer: Neo Online's Black nylon CD and DVD wallet combines a slim design with durability, functionality, and impressive features like a handle strap and zipper, all at an affordable price.

Record Dividers For 12″ Vinyl: Enhanced by an easy-to-use design for a seamless and user-friendly experience

NEO Card Mailer Peel & Seal: Crafted from top-quality paper, our medium-weight sleeves provide easy access to discs through a convenient hole, combining durability with user-friendly design.

12″ Record Card Mailers Peel & Seal:Featuring rounded corners with no flaps and folded edges presenting a smooth outer finish for a polished appearance.

7” Black Paper Sleeve With Hole: Designed to be long-lasting, providing superior protection.

CD DVD Plastic Sleeve: With a smoothly finessed design, this product boasts higher strength, serving as a significant space-saver for efficient and compact storage solution for your CD/DVD.