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Neo Online – Premium Blu-ray and DVD/CD Discs

Neo Online is the only place to get all your office and business goods. We have everything you need right here, from blank Blu-ray discs to dual-layer DVDs and other such items from the factories.

Something for Everyone's Needs!

Explore our extensive collection of optical discs designed to cater to various storage needs. Whether you're involved in music distribution, research and archival work, building a personal collection, or simply a DVD enthusiast, our top-quality discs are crafted to meet and exceed your expectations in every aspect.

Unparalleled Variety and Quality

Our wide range of optical discs at Neo Online makes us proud. This way, you can be sure to find the right way to store your essential data. Our range is perfect for professionals, collectors, and fans, and we promise the best quality and performance.

Blu-ray, CD-R, DVD-R Blanks: 

See the versatility of our blank Blu-ray discs, CD-R, and DVD-R .They are the perfect clean slate for storing your data. Our blank discs give you the reliability and space you need to store high-definition material, make custom music compilations, or keep important data safe.

Our Top recommendations

CD-R  Discs 50 PACK : Renowned for its high quality RITEK codec dye. Its full face white printable surface allows for personalized design and printing.

Verbatim DVD-R : Our DVD-R features a long lifetime with a hard coat scratch guard, ensuring the highest quality and durability against scratches for reliable performance.

Vinyl CD-R Blank DiscsA retro look with our vinyl-style surface. The black diamond black bottom adds a stylish touch to your media storage.

Blu Ray DiscsOur product ensures efficient and high-capacity data storage with a storage capacity of 25GB, a maximum burn speed of 4x, and a long archive length.

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At Neo-Online, you will have a hassle-free purchasing experience. Discover a world of high-quality optical discs, storage boxes, and other products.