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Covid-19 is far from over. We were only reeling from the impact of the first wave when the second wave hit us in the UK. The situation is scary and it has caused a lot of uncertainty. We still do not know how long it would take for the researchers to find a cure or a vaccine for this virus. But until then, the one thing that we can be absolutely sure of is this: we need to be careful and adhere to all the preventive guidelines so we can keep ourselves and those around us safe.

The pandemic is caused by the coronavirus which spreads when an infected person either comes physically in contact with a healthy person or releases droplets into the air as they speak or breathe. According to health experts, wearing a mask and routinely sanitizing your hands and accessories can reduce your chances of contracting the virus and transmitting it to another healthy person.

At Neo Online, we care for your health. That is why we have created a lineup of PPE products that can help you stay safe through these trying times. Explore our collection to find quality masks, hand sanitisers, and cleaners that can minimise your chances of getting sick and help you keep those around you safe as well.