The future of gaming in 2020

In early 2019, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told shareholders what he thought was the company’s stiffest competition. It wasn’t HBO, Disney+ or Amazon. It wasn’t cable television or movie theatres either. In his estimation, the biggest threat to Netflix’s continued dominance in entertainment was the video game Fortnite. “It used to be ‘what to watch’ […]

Our Pick Of The Best Turntables On The Market

Turntables that would make your vinyl records sound divine This revolutionary age has given us loads of inventions and things we couldn’t have even imagined. It gave us traditional DVDs and more recently music streaming services, like YouTube or Spotify. But some music consumers are still inclined to a more traditional way of listening to […]

Most Valuable Vinyl Records Revealed!

Intelligent Turntable for Vinyl Records The recent bombshell news around town is that vinyl sales have most definitely overtook digital record sales for the very first time in the UK. But that could be due to Christmas or new year, and people giving out gifts, but we feel that it’s not the case entirely. But […]


THE STRANGE BUT WELCOME RESURGENCE OF VINYL It’s actually really hard to recall when the vinyl trend started as it was about 80 years ago in about the 1940s when the hype and publicity behind vinyl records started to pick up pace and ramp up till the late 80s and till their eventual “demise” in […]