Neo Zilla 100 LP VINYL 12″ Record DJ UNION JACK Storage Aluminium DJ Flight Carry Case Box


Neo Zilla 100 LP VINYL 12″ Record DJ UNION JACK Storage Aluminium DJ Flight Carry Case Box

Neo Zilla 100 LP VINYL 12″ Record DJ UNION JACK Storage Aluminum DJ Flight Carry Case Box
Its one thing to have an aluminum flight case but it’s a completely different thing when that case looks more like something which could be a substitute for the flag of a country. There are flight cases out there that were designed to be noticed. They were made to draw attention to themselves, not to simply serve a utilitarian purpose. This is a perfect example of one: The Neo Zilla 100 LP VINYL 12″ Record DJ Union Jack Storage Aluminum DJ Flight Carry Case Box.
The first and most noticeable thing about this flight case is its design. It has a very contemporary design. The decal of the Union Jack (the flag of Britain) decorates it on all sides save the bottom. Even from afar, the bright and very familiar colors are sure to draw attention. There is nothing subtle about this case but that was the deliberate intention of the makers, and anyone who purchases it must not be aiming for subtlety.

The large, square-shaped flight case can be used to store a total of 100 vinyl records or disks; 12 inch disks, to be precise. Soft velvet keeps the interior of the case looking neat and lovely, but it is also lined to act as a buffer for the disks; it acts as a shock absorber, and a very potent one at that too. The records can be arranged inside this velvet-lined interior neatly, with space to spare if the disks do not number up to a hundred.

This case may be beautiful but it doesn’t trade this beauty for strength. It is as durable as it is appealing. The embossed aluminum is strong and sturdy and of the highest quality. The case protects your disks or any other equipment you might store in it against grime and dust, and also scratches and direct sunlight. More than these, the rounded edges were also designed to absorb impact from even the strongest of collisions. The body of the case may be dented but nothing of the contents will be damaged.
The ultra-strong steel hinges connected to the lid make certain it stays in place regardless whether the case id open or shut tight and locked. This lid comes complete with a lock so any sort of padlock is not really a necessity. And just like the hinges, the handle at the top of the lid is also strong and provides a comfortable grip.The case is very portable so that means no need for lugging or hefting of any sort. It can be comfortably carried with one hand.

This flight case is versatile in function too. It can serve for both professional and domestic purposes, and because there is nothing too gaudy about its design and colors, it will appeal to almost everyone and fit in almost any place.More than acting as a case for the storage of records, it can double as a jewelry box for the lady who wishes to keep jewels in a case as lovely as the jewels. For the fashion-conscious woman, this case can also serve as a make-up kit. It already looks like something a fashionista would own anyway, so women should feel right at home with it. This multipurpose use it has is not limited to women only though. Men can use it as places to keep their watches, cufflinks, rings and anything that can fit in there. It all depends on you. What you intend to use it for does not matter because the case was built to handle anything. And at just £42.50, you get more than your money’s worth.

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