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Is It Okay to Stack CDs?

Compact discs are fragile mediums of information, meaning you’ll have to ensure the utmost care to keep them out of harm’s way. One might think safely storing them away can be an easy solution, however, if your method of storing the discs in is incorrect, it might end up doing more harm than good. Since most people tend to stack their CDs in large bundles, it is essential to consider whether this is actually safe for your collection or not.

To make sure you store your discs the right way, Neo features a complete analysis on the effects of stacking your CDs, and whether or not this is a viable way of storing your discs.

Why Stacking CDs is a Common Practice?

Stacking is a simple and easy solution to space issues, as this requires minimal space and you can easily store your discs wherever you want, without worrying about having a designated storage space for your CDs. Storing discs vertically requires you to forgo more footage of your room, whereas simply stacking your discs on one another horizontally will give up only a fraction of your space.

The obvious benefit of stacking discs is what leads most people to adopt this practice, despite not being the best choice.

Is it Okay to Stack CDs?

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Firstly, CDs should never be stacked together without any casing, as the friction between them can result in scratches on the aluminium layer of the discs, rendering your discs damaged and useless.

As for the main question of whether or not it is okay to stack CDs, it largely depends on the type of casing, the number of CDs, and how high the discs are stacked. In general, it is not advisable to store discs horizontally or stacked on top of each other, as this creates pressure on the CDs placed at the bottom, risking breaking and crumbling. 

However, if space is an issue and you have no other choice, the following are a few situations to consider while deciding on whether you should stack your CDs.

The Amount of CDs

The question of stacking your CDs depends on the amount of discs. If it’s a few discs that are safely stored within their cases, stacking won’t be an issue. However, stacking heaps of CDs together should be strictly avoided as this will only result in unnecessary pressure on the CDs, which could potentially result in harm to your discs.

Type of Casing

The type of casing can determine whether or not stacking is a viable option. If your discs are stored in plastic sleeves or a simple plastic case, stacking should be strictly avoided. On the other hand, for sturdier cases such as jewel cases and digipaks, stacking should not be an issue since these storing options can withstand the weight of the stacked CDs.

Stacking Height

Another issue with stacking is the risk of the stack collapsing, as this can easily result in your discs breaking and sustaining heavy damages. Make sure to stack no more than 5-6 discs together, as anything more than that can be quite risky.


Storing CDs is a timeless issue that has been around since the dawn of compact discs, as handling these fragile mediums of information can be quite tricky. One method of storing discs is stacking them, however, this method is not advisable due to the risks involved. Stacking should only be kept as a last resort, and that too under the above-mentioned circumstances.

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