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Is it OK to stack boxes of records?

Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years, captivating music enthusiasts with their authentic sound. As more people embrace the joy of collecting vinyl, the question of proper storage becomes essential. One common query that arises is whether it’s safe to stack boxes of records. 

We will dig into the art of vinyl record storage boxes, exploring the dos and don’ts of stacking records, and understanding the best practices to not only safeguard but also cherish your beloved vinyl collection for generations to come.

Can I stack record boxes?

Vinyl records are delicate, and improper storage can lead to damage. When it comes to stacking boxes of records, there are some essential factors to consider. Firstly, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality vinyl record storage. These containers offer the required structure to support the weight of other boxes when stacked.Pick durable, acid-free cardboard record boxes to provide protection against dust, moisture, and potential warping that could spoil your musical experience.Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes e.g 12 inch record boxes

How many records can I stack?

The number of records you can safely stack largely depends on the quality and strength of the storage boxes. To maintain the integrity of your vinyl records, it’s best to limit the height of each stack, minimizing the pressure on the records at the bottom. Overcrowding a single box with an excessive number of records can lead to bending or warping over time, which is a fate no collector wishes for their beloved records. To ensure the longevity of your vinyl collection, it’s recommended to keep each stack to a reasonable height, avoiding undue strain and damage.

Is it OK to stack records flat?

When it comes to the orientation of stacked records, the most recommended method is stacking records horizontally. Placing records vertically can result in the weight of the stack pressing down on the lower records, increasing the risk of damage to the grooves, which is the very essence of a vinyl record’s musical magic. By storing records flat, you distribute the weight evenly, significantly reducing the risk of distortion and preserving the unparalleled sound quality that vinyl enthusiasts cherish.

 However, to ensure optimal protection, it is essential to use dividers or inner sleeves to prevent records from leaning against each other, which could lead to potential scratches and unsightly scuffs.

Is it bad to stack records on the turntable?

One critical aspect that often escapes attention is the practice of stacking records on the turntable itself. This is a highly discouraged practice, as it can result in severe consequences. Turntables are meticulously designed to support the weight of a single record while playing, with precision to produce the rich, resonant sound that vinyl lovers adore. Attempting to stack records on top of each other while the turntable is in use can cause the needle to skip or jump, leading to detrimental effects on both the turntable’s stylus and the records themselves. Furthermore, the vibrations emanating from the turntable’s motor can transmit through the stack, potentially causing harm to the delicate grooves and overall sound quality of the vinyl records.

What is the best way to stack records?

To protect your vinyl collection and maintain its pristine condition, follow these best practices for stacking records:

Vinyl record storage boxes

Invest in high-quality, 12 inch record boxes constructed from sturdy, acid-free cardboard. These specially designed boxes offer robust support and comprehensive protection for your valuable records.

Limit the stack height 

Maintain each stack at a reasonable height, typically accommodating around 12 to 18 records per box. Avoiding over-packing the boxes helps prevent potential warping and damage to your beloved collection.

Stacking records horizontally 

Stacking records horizontally in the boxes to distribute the weight evenly and maintain the structural integrity of the vinyl.

Use dividers and inner sleeves 

To safeguard against scratches, use dividers or inner sleeves between records, preventing any direct contact that may compromise their condition.

Avoid stacking on turntables 

Never stack records on the turntable. Respecting the turntable’s purpose and design is crucial to safeguard both your precious records and the turntable’s intricate stylus..

The question of whether to stack boxes of records requires a delicate approach to ensure the preservation of your valuable vinyl collection. By investing in high-quality vinyl record storage box and adopting the best practices such as limiting stack height, storing records flat, and avoiding stacking on turntables, you can safeguard your beloved records for future generations to enjoy. Remember, proper storage and handling are the keys to cherishing the timeless charm and unparalleled sound of vinyl records, a treasure that transcends generations and musical eras.


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