Intelligent Turntable On The Way

Are intelligent turntables really a thing now?

For fact now vinyl have and are coming back for good. The recent rise in popularity seems to be evidence of that. So now it might finally be time that someone thought to themselves to freshen up the turntable game, bring up to speed and modernize it. Not too long ago, the LOVE turntable was a huge thing which was said to be the first of its kind intelligent turntable updated with new and improved features. One of its features is to connect your smartphone to your beloved turntable. This ground-breaking news was first reported by the acclaimed tech website NME. At that time it was even featured on the coming soon tech website, which was essentially a big deal. The site enabled people to book the turntable once it became available for retail. The thought process of linking your smartphone to your turntable was genius. It was a step in the right direction of making turntables more convenient and more portable. The turntable would be controlled by the phone using a specified app to dictate what you would want the turntable to do, allowing absolute control. But the table would still read the record using a stylus, just keeping it simple enough to be in touch with the old days. You could simply use BLUETOOTH to connect your devices to the smart turntable. It is also wi-fi enabled to help ease its functionality. But you could always rely on a trusty old-fashioned cable to help you out in case your stereo system wasn’t quite feeling it. How the intricate LOVE turntable works is not rocket science, it is simple. The turntable has a record base on which your vinyl record sits obviously when it is underuse. The stylus attached to a glossy-looking unit hangs above the records. The stylus works how it is supposed to with a regular turntable by moving anticlockwise over the record which sits beneath it. The turntable description according to its designers is fascinating. The designers have stated that they wanted to help people share the sparkle that vinyl brings. Practically they said they aimed to modernize and update the turntable by making it more accessible by increasing its functionality. But they also said that they wanted to keep the soul of the original to give it an organic feel. Speaking of functionality, the lithium batteries allow the turntable to be more portable as it can be set up almost anywhere. So if you waited to get that turntable or still are in the market looking for one to maximize on the records sitting in their vinyl storage cases, LOVE turntable is or was worth it depending on if you own it currently or not. During that time, another turntable was said to be getting a major upgrade in the tech Engadget website stated that VIRYL technology was being used to speed p and update the vinyl record-making process. That same firm also made a pressing machine mechanism called WarmTone which was exceedingly consistent at making the pucks which are later shaped into vinyl records. Moreover, they allowed for switching stampers to be easy enabling it for a larger production scale. The increase in demand of refreshing the vinyl making and printing was evident due to the increase in popularity over the years. To fulfill the necessary demands in the market it became increasingly more challenging to formulate more innovations in the market. So the main aim for meeting up to the demand as to make precise and viable products to aid in simplifying the vinyl music listening process. The annual vinyl record sales are usually accredited to yearly holidays such as Christmas Easter, or Thanksgiving. Because it is understandable that everyone wants their loved ones to have the supposed coolest trend in the market hence the surge in sales. Or maybe it could be just a gift who knows? But still considering it to be the case in fact, it is a serious matter that vinyl records are back for good and are not to be taken lightly in any sense. The music industry needs to watch out for the ever-growing need for vinyl records and their popularity as well. The need for more vinyl records means all these updates were made. We think you should update your vinyl storage box stocks if you’re out there hunting down more vinyl records. Or are you looking for a new turntable to listen to your favorite music on. The vinyl resurging is not something out of the blue, it was to be expected considering the refreshed and updated innovations being brought in the industry. Mainly, to facilitate the use of vinyl records more and more. So to think that vinyl records are going anytime soon would be outrageous to say the least.  

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