Inks & Photo Paper

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Types of Inks & Photo Papers

Improve your printing experience, with our compatible inks and picture papers. Neo selection includes different kinds of photo paper and high-quality printer inks.

Inks Selection

Explore our ink collection featuring vibrant colour options, long-lasting formulations, and compatibility with various printers.

Photo Papers Variety

Choose from our extensive photo papers collection, including glossy, matt, and premium finishes. We offer photo papers suitable for different printing purposes, ensuring your photos and documents look their best.

Different Sizes

Our photo papers come in various sizes, and thickness, catering to your specific printing needs. Whether you're printing standard photos or large-format images, our range of sizes provides flexibility for multiple projects.

Explore Different Options:

A4 COPIER 80 GSM Consistently delivers excellent results on various machines, including mono copiers and laser and inkjet printers

NEO 100 GSM A4 MATT : Experience Neo Media's A4 matt inkjet photo paper – where vividly colourful images meet durable quality, ensuring every print is flawless and vibrant.

NEO MATT 128 GSM A4 : Perfect for both home and office use, our waterproof A4 printer photo paper is designed to be smudge-resistant, ensuring high-quality and durable prints.

Neo 135g A4 Photo Gloss PaperExperience amazing and colourful photographic quality with our top-quality gloss paper. 

Neo Media 180 GSM A4 GlossyNeo Online's A4 180g photo paper delivers smudge-free, water-resistant prints with a top-quality gloss coating, ensuring vibrant and natural-looking pictures.

NEO 190 GSM A4 MATTEnsures uniform colour distribution and smooth gradation, making it compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers for consistently high-quality prints.

NEO MEDIA 210 GSM A4 : Experience superb and colourful photographic quality with our high gloss printer paper with one-sided special coating for exceptional results.

Quality and Durability

Experience exceptional print quality and durability with our inks and photo papers. Our products are crafted to deliver vivid colours, and long-lasting results, making them ideal for personal and professional use.