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Ideal Dimensions for a Vinyl Record Sleeve

With Vinyl’s finally making a comeback and soaring in popularity, it is essential to understand how these delicate mediums of music should be stored. Since record sleeves are the perfect way of storing vinyls, it is pertinent to consider the dimensions for a vinyl record sleeve. With so many options available in the market, finding the right one can become quite the hassle.

To help you find the right dimensions for your record sleeves, neo features an article explaining the ideal dimensions for a vinyl record sleeve.

Why Use Vinyl Record Sleeves

Compared to regular compact discs, vinyls are much more durable and sturdy. However, this statement certainly does not imply the idea that vinyls can survive without any sort of protection. Vinyls have a lifespan of almost a century, but to reach such a long shelf life, these records must be kept safely in a sleeve or any other sort of packaging.

Record sleeves serve as the perfect solution as they safely store vinyls and retain their crispness. Moreover, the discs remain safe from dust and cobwebs, ensuring a much higher lifespan.

Ideal Dimensions for a Vinyl Record Sleeve

Aged yellow paper inner sleeve and vinyl LP record isolated on white background

Many assume that a vinyl sleeve should have the same dimensions as the vinyl record itself, but this can be a grave error. Since you need to slide in the vinyl, having the same dimensions as the sleeve will result in the record not being able to easily slide in. Even if you manage to squeeze in the record, there will be a lot of friction which could potentially damage the vinyl. This could also result in a damaged sleeve as forcing the record inside can cause the sleeve to either loosen up or rupture to accommodate the record.

To avoid this issue, always get a sleeve that is half an inch wider. For example, for a 12 by 12 inch vinyl, you should opt for a 12 ½ by 12 ½ record sleeve as it will offer enough breathing space for the vinyl.


Despite being relatively sturdy discs, vinyls can still get damaged overtime if they are not properly stored. For this purpose, record sleeves come in handy, however, for these to work properly, their dimensions must fit the vinyl perfectly. A simple rule of thumb is to always buy a record sleeve that is half an inch wider on each side to allow the disc enough breathing space to not get damaged from the friction.

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