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How to Store Your DVDs for the Longer Run?

With the world entering the age of digitisation, DVDs have lost their popularity, and only a few remnants of these discs remain in production. With most people owning heaps of DVDs, the issue that arises is how to store them for the long-run, without compromising on their quality and safety.

Most storing methods for discs are short-term, as they do not take into account long-term safety. To ease this predicament, Neo features a guide on how to store DVDs for the longer run.

Ways to Store DVDs for the Longer Run

Your discs could be sitting in your storage area for years or even decades, and to preserve their functionality, adequate measures should be taken. Following are some of the ways through which you can store DVDs for the longer run.

DVD Binders

DVD Binder

Binders are a great way to store your discs as they offer a safe and secure storage option. Generally made out of leather, these binders consist of a sturdy material that is both durable and long-lasting. Binders also offer a lot of storage capacity as most binders range from 50 to 500 discs. This allows you to keep a complete collection of discs altogether.

Storage Boxes

Picture of Storage Box

Another way to securely store your DVDs is to keep them in a storage box. This is a much safer option as the discs remain safe from dust and erosion. This is also a budget friendly option as you can make your own storage box with a little DIY. However, for a more secure option, you can find aluminium storage boxes as well – specifically designed for storing large quantities of discs.

CD/DVD Wallet

Similar to a binder, CD wallets are another great option for storing your DVDs for the long run. These wallets are made out of padded material that ensures your discs will sustain no damage or deterioration over time. Moreover, the moisture- and tear-resistant material of these disc wallets ensure that your discs will be completely out of harm’s way.

DVD Tray

DVD trays are disc storage options that double as a stylish addition to your room. Commonly made out of faux leather, a DVD tray is similar to a shelf with a storage capacity of up to 50 discs. A major benefit of these trays is their versatility, as they can either be displayed in your living room or be stored in the attic. Another potential benefit is the longevity of these trays, ensuring your discs remain safe and secure for much longer.


Disc storage has been an issue ever since they were invented, however, this problem is further exacerbated in the case of long-term storage. With limited options available, it can be quite the hassle to safely store your discs. Simply browse through the above-mentioned methods and ensure your discs remain out of harms way for years to come.

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