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How to Store CDs in Small Spaces?

The issue of storing CDs is one that has been around since their invention. Owing to their fragile nature, leaving your discs lying around can be a risky situation. Storing CDs generally requires a lot of space, especially if you have a large collection of discs. The issue is further aggravated if you have limited storage space, as storing CDs in a small space can be a hassle.

If you find yourself in this predicament, we have you covered as Neo features several ideas on how to store CDs in small spaces.

How to Store CDs in Small Spaces?

Despite seeming like an immense issue, finding ways to store your collection of CDs is not that difficult. Following are some of the easiest ways to store your discs without compromising on space.

Furniture Storage Options

Picture of a CD Furniture storage

To ensure your discs are stored properly without taking up too much space, furniture storage options such as media racks and CD shelves are a decent option. These racks tend to offer a vertical storage space as they are generally tall, covering minimal space in your room.

CD shelves are a sturdier option for storing your CDs, and one that can also be multi-purpose. You can keep books and other valuables on the shelves, and simply dedicate a part of it for your CD collections. 

Wall Mounted CD Storage

A unique yet stunning idea for storing your CDs is opting for wall mounted storage options. This could range from wall-mounted shelves and racks to CD visors attached to your wall. This option saves the most space since the shelves are independently attached to the wall, taking no space from your room.

This storage option provides another benefit – a unique vibe. The clouds of discs dotted throughout your walls can make your room look impeccable.

CD Storage Boxes

Picture of a CD storage box

If showing off your impressive collection of discs isn’t a priority, storing your CDs in a storage box can be a good alternative if storage is scarce. Storage boxes offer several benefits in terms of saving space, as you can put them in your closet, storage room, or in any corner of your room. This method of storage can also keep your discs safe and dust-free, increasing their longevity.

You can either use a make-shift cardboard storage box or you could buy a dedicated CD storage box. The latter option is more advisable as these storage boxes are sturdy and come equipped with dividers and trays. Aluminium CD/DVD storage cases are a good option as these have a capacity of up to 1000 discs.

CD Sleeves

If you don’t have storage boxes available, another budget-friendly option is to simply keep your discs in plastic sleeves and store them in your closet. This will ensure that your discs sustain minimal damage and allow you to store your discs anywhere without worrying about dust or scratches.


If you’re okay with storing your discs without their original packaging and cases, a binder can serve as the perfect alternative. These disc storage mediums are perfect for keeping heaps of discs together, without compromising on space. 

You can find a variety of binders with different storage capacities, ranging from 25 to 100 disc capacities. These will allow you to store your discs wherever you want, irrespective of the space available.


Owing to their fragile nature, storing discs has been an issue that has long plagued collectors and CD enthusiasts. The problem is even more severe for those that have limited storage space. Simply scroll through our list of solutions to storing CDs in small spaces and ensure your discs remain safe and secure without ever compromising on space.

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