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How Should You Store a Large Amount of CDs?

Despite the world entering the age of digitisation, the usage of compact discs still remains widespread. However, one issue that has been around since the dawn of compact discs is their storage, especially in large amounts. Due to their fragile nature, compact discs require a durable and sturdy storage space, even more so in case of a large amount of discs.

For those that are plagued by the problem of storing a large amount of CDs, Neo offers an easy solution by explaining some of the best ways to store your collection of CDs.

How Should You Store a Large Amount of CDs?

An attractive feature of compact discs is that they can be stored in a number of different ways, allowing you to easily find the right method for your collection. Following are a few ways through which you can store your CD collection.


Picture of CD Binder

The appeal of keeping each of your CDs in their original casing may seem tempting, but that can take up heaps of space. For a large amount of discs, binders serve as the perfect solution, as they can store up to fifty discs within one binder case.

Moreover, binders are travel friendly and you can even keep them safe within your drawers or closet. The only drawback is the neutral appearance of binders as the CDs lose their unique charm.

Media Racks

Picture of CD rack

If you’re an avid collector of CDs and you love to show off your collection, a media rack will be the most pivotal option. Media racks are lightweight yet sturdy mediums of storing discs, allowing you to safely store your CDs without having the need to put them away in a storage room.

Racks also allow you to show off your collection with pride. The prime benefit that these racks offer is that you get to keep your discs in their original casing, ensuring each one of your discs shines through and gets to keep its originality.

Storage Boxes

Picture of Storage Box

Commonly used for vinyls and LP records, storage boxes are a good alternative to store large amounts of CDs. Despite being a slightly unconventional method of storage, an aluminium storage box might be the ideal option if your collection of CDs is not in use anymore.

With these boxes, you can securely store your discs together and put them away in your storage room or closet, giving you more space in your room. However, this is only beneficial if you do not regularly use your discs, as it would be a hassle to constantly take out your discs from the box.

CD Shelves

Even though the concept may seem similar to a media rack, CD shelves differ slightly from their counterparts. These shelves offer much more storage capacity, and are more sturdy and durable, ensuring your discs remain safe and secure.

Moreover, you can opt for wall shelves as well, as this can save up even more space and give your room a unique aesthetic with tiny islands of CDs spread all over your walls. You can even keep your discs in their original cases and covers, a plus point for those that want to show off their unique collections. 


Ever since CDs were invented, the question of storing these fragile mediums of information has always made rounds, especially for those that have a plethora of discs. Fortunately, there are several solutions, with each offering its own advantages and drawbacks. If you have a large amount of CDs and DVDs lying around, simply employ one of the above-mentioned methods and you will have a decluttered and organised CD storage solution.

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