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How Many Songs Can a 7 Vinyl hold?

Vinyls are one of the oldest mediums used for storing and listening to music. Soaring to popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s, vinyls have a space in every vintage collector’s heart. Due to digitisation and the popularity of mp3 music formats, vinyl records lost their market. However, this year saw a resurgence in this classical music medium as some of the highest sales of vinyls were recorded since 1991.

With the re-emergence of vinyls finally here, it is essential to understand how these discs work, and most importantly, how much music capacity they offer. In this article, Neo talks about how many songs a 7 vinyl can hold.

What is a 7-inch Vinyl?

Picture of a 7 inch Vinyl
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As the name suggests, a 7-inch vinyl has a total diameter of 7 inches, making these the smallest out of all the other standard sizes available. They are also known as 45s vinyls since they only offer a playback speed of 45 rpm. Some 7 vinyls are played at 33 rpm as well, which offers much more playing time on both sides of the disc.

Despite being a less popular size among vinyls, the usage of 7-inch vinyls is far from obsolete as artists regularly tend to release songs in this format.

How many songs can a 7 Vinyl hold?

For a 45 rpm 7-inch vinyl, you can expect to get about 4 minutes and 30 seconds of music on each side. Since most songs tend to last around this number, a total of two songs can fit inside this disc, with one on each side.

On the other hand, a 33 rpm vinyl can hold upto 6 minutes of music on each side, slightly bumping up the total music carrying capacity. For these vinyls, you can expect to store around 3-4 short-length songs with two on each side, or two long-duration songs with one on each side. On average, you can expect about 4-6 minutes worth of song capacity in a 7-inch vinyl.


Despite the dip in popularity of physical music storage, vinyls still stand strong as their use remains widespread and their sales continue to rise. Out of the standard sizes of vinyls available, the 7-inch one is the smallest one with a limited song capacity of 4-6 minutes. Even though their capacity is limited, these discs are popular for storing single songs separately, as evident from their common usage among artists for releasing new songs.

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