Having the right kind of storage is an essential investment for every media enthusiast out there.

If you’re someone who has always loved to have the satisfaction of physically purchasing and then owning your media you would also be concerned about its safe keeping. Maintaining and preserving the collection is a stressful task but investing in the right kind of storage has you all covered on how to keep collecting without worrying about space or safety!

Why continue collecting in the first place?

While we continue to surge into a world of online streaming we understand that it is much more convenient to just play your music on your mobile phone or any device by simply streaming it on your favourite streaming site, however there are still many people who understand the satisfaction of physically owning their music.

Some take immense pride in physically having the record of all dvds, and cds of music and movies that they have watched or continue to watch for the simple pleasure of having a relaxing sunday evening or simply enjoying it on a night after work with their partner.

For movie junkies the right kind of dvd storage is an essential part as they not only want to purchase and watch a movie they also want to keep a record of it.

Collecting in physical form is much more reliable than just streaming it.

While streaming is often seen as a more convenient form of media playing the negative sides to it are often overlooked and are mostly only truly recognized by music enthusiasts who much prefer to purchase the media physically. Owning the media in physical form gives people the feeling of permanence and reliability. They don’t have to worry about their favourite track, mashup or remix being taken down by a streaming site.They don’t have to worry about new policies by streaming sites, they can simply play their music off the shelves whenever they feel it.

Having a collection brings the stress of maintaining it and keeping it safe..

However with this passion comes the burden of also maintaining and organising the entire collection. Owning vinyl records or cds also requires time and effort to keep them in a safe place and prevent them from damage. Having the right kind of storage is an essential part of the experience. We provide you with your choice of storage in different sizes and material so that storing them can become easier and also compact.

Where exactly to invest and in what type of products?

Whether you have cds, dvds or vinyl records NEO has got you covered by its wide range of storage boxes which range from CD and DVD boxes to leather and nylon carry cases. For a more colourful storage there is a wide range of DVD Storage cases available at NEO. Together with the dividers available at NEO the boxes can even have divisions based on genre or any other category that the user might want to organise their collection into.

When it comes to such purchases you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your storage product. Having a product that is a little light on the quality or one that can be easily damaged. For someone who is enthusiastic about collecting physical media they would also want to preserve them in a way that will last them long.

For that it’s important to invest in the right quality products which promise cost effectiveness. After all with our busy lives we all want to save time and repeated trips to the store by buying something that actually lasts longer.

The NEO stores collection has the quality, time and cost completely covered by providing storage boxes that will last a long time and help preserve your high quality music, movies and vinyl records for a long time so you can use them and carry them with you safely.

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