Guide to Selecting the Right Disc Cases for Your Collection

Is your disc collection quite literally “all over the place”? Do you have shelves that are overflowing with discs? Do you have to sift through all the clutter to find the CDs or DVDs you need? Are you constantly losing discs and have no idea where they went? Are you running out of storage space for your discs? If you nodded in answer to any those questions, odds are you’re facing a disc storage crisis that’s getting worse by the day – and you’re not alone in this. Most people with large disc collections face this problem regularly. The good news is that your disc storage issues can be resolved easily. Using the right kind of DVD and CD storage units can help you efficiently organise your collection and de-clutter your space. Storing your discs properly is also important if you want to keep them safe and functional. CD & DVD storage units are available in a range of exciting designs, shapes, and colours. Having so many options to pick from is great but it can also make it a bit overwhelming for people to pick the right kind of CD or DVD cases for their collection. So, how do you know which CD and DVD storage units work best for your collection? Read our guide on safe and smart disc packaging to find out!
  • Plastic CD and DVD Storage Cases
Plastic CD cases and blank DVD cases are a simple and cost-effective way to keep your discs safe from scratches, sun and dust. Plastic disc cases are considered a storage staple worldwide because of their slim and compact design. Plastic CD cases and blank DVD cases consist of a plastic tray that has gripping grooves in the middle to prevent your disc from slipping inside the casing.
  • Chubby Jewel Cases
Chubby jewel cases or multi-way cases are similar to plain jewel cases – except they’re even better because they allow you to store multiple discs in one case. Depending on their thickness and design, chubby jewel cases can hold anywhere between 2-6 CDs or DVDs. That’s why they’re ideal for archiving multi-disc projects. Use them to store your multi-disc movie series, video games or data, the choice is yours!
  • Slimline Cases
Slimline and half size CD  and blank DVD cases are ideal for people who have limited storage space on their disc shelves. These cases are slim and sleek, they also weigh almost half as much as standard jewel cases. That’s why slimline cases are commonly used to ship CDs and DVDs to other places in bulk.
  • Clamshell Blank DVD and CD Cases
Clamshell DVD and CD cases are another space-saving option for you. Clamshell cases, as the name suggests, are shaped like clams for aesthetic appeal but they can also keep your discs safe from dust, scratches and physical damage.
  • CD and DVD Storage Boxes
CD and DVD storage boxes are designed to offer optimal protection to larger collections. If you have way too many discs, putting them in jewel cases is not enough – especially if you’re storing them for a long time. We recommend you use a bi-step storage technique for large collections. First, put your disc in a jewel case or a wrap to guard it against dust and sun. Then, store your jewel cases in CD/DVD storage boxes in an upright position. CD and DVD storage boxes are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The capacity of these boxes depends on their size and shape so you can easily find one that fits your requirements best. Some boxes can hold up to 1000 discs while others may only keep 50 discs safe.  

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