Neo High Back Office Gaming Chair For Home Office with Adjustable Arm Rests


Please note: self assembly is required
• Height Adjustable Fully Reclinable (backwards and forwards).
• Arm Rests.
• Swivels 360 Degrees.
• High Back.

• Overall Seat Width: 52cm.
• Seat Depth: 52cm.
• Back Rest Height: 82cm.
• Seat Height from the ground (Lowest Level): 45cm.
• Seat Height from the ground (Highest Level): 53cm.
• Overall Height: 127cm to 135cm.

Sitting at a computer means the desk or table is fixed, so the chair you sit on should be able to move freely and without restrictions. It should be adjustable simply to provide comfort, and this is something the Neo Racing Gaming Chair does very well. The detachable and adjustable arm rests that can be angled in any way, the headrest that can be titled for better comfort, wheels that allow for smooth movement, the lumbar support that can move up and down as you require, the fact the chair is fully reclinable to enable you stretch or sit back at a full 165-degree angle; all these culminate into a distinctively-styled chair that serves numerous essential purposes.

This distinctive style sets the chair apart from traditional gaming chairs and office-style desk chairs. On that note, the Neo Racing Gaming Chair doubles as both a gaming and office chair. Whether you sit on it for hours in-front of a computer at work or you spend even more hours while gaming, the chair does what is needed.

This chair’s design language speaks for itself. It looks clean and sleek regardless of which of the 4 colors it comes in. The menacing red, cool blue, ice white and green models all look great and comfortable. These colors complement the dark faux leather, which gives it a classy look only matched by its unique design.
Self-assembly is required but detailed instructions have been provided to make the task easy and stress-free. You need not hire professional help to assemble the Neo Racing Gaming Chair. The easy step-by-step instruction manual is all you need to set it up and place it before the computer in your home or the computer in your office. If you wish to have a chair that looks like it was taken straight out of a racing car, this chair is for you.

Neo High Back Office Gaming Chair For Home Office with Adjustable Arm Rests