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The necessity of gaming peripherals 
Gaming is not just a passion - it is a lifestyle. But in order to maintain a healthy gaming lifestyle and to get the most out of your sessions, you need to have all the right accessories. That is why we let our gaming experts curate the most high-performing gaming articles and create this unique line-up of the best budget-friendly gaming hardware in the UK.

We’ve Got You Covered 
Whether you need noise-cancelling gaming headphones so you can fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience, or you need a PC gaming chair so you can sit comfortably while working or playing on your PC or Xbox. Or whether you need VR headsets that make visuals good as real or you need booming speakers for your new gaming room, you will find them all here.

Neo Online or Nothing 
Neo Online is the top UK store for the very best gaming peripherals. Though, We also offer a range of purpose-built media storage solutions including vinyl, CD, and DVD storage boxes, wallets, and flight cases so you can keep your gaming discs safe and scratch-free.