Finding the perfect DVD and CD cases for storing your precious CD/DVDs

CD and DVDs have been one of the most commonly used methods for storing data since a long time. Discs are considered reliable data storage mediums because the data saved in discs is safe and you do not have to worry about losing it. One of the benefits of archiving your data in CDs or DVDs is that you can easily retrieve (or share it) when the need arises. As much as we love our discs, all DVD lovers know how hard it is to store and protect disc collections. Either our DVDs or CDs take up too much storage space or they end up getting damaged due to external factors such as sunlight, dust and damp since DVDs and CDs are one of the most sensitive data storage options out there.

Finding the perfect DVD and CD cases

If you are struggling with finding the perfect place to keep your discs safe, we have got you covered with our ultimate CD and DVD storage solutions. Our handpicked collection features a vast range of CD cases and DVD cases that will keep your precious CD and DVDs safe. You can opt for the case that will best suit your requirements according to disc type and the number of CD and DVDs you wish to store within a single case. The best CD cases at Neo Online come in various sizes and qualities to make your life more organized and easier. You can check out all the categories available at NEO Online to look for the ideal CD/DVD storage case to fulfil your requirements.

 CD Cases at Neo Online

Here are 5 CD cases that will make your life easier and help you organise your CD shelf:

  • CD Jewel Case Double with Black Tray

Double jewel CD case is perfect for storing two related CDs at the same place.  It is made up of semi-opaque, semi-flexible polypropylene which is solid enough to safeguard your discs from external damages, it also comes with 10.4mm spine.

  • CD slim black jewel case

Made up of transparent polystyrene, our slim black jewel case is designed to store a single CD safe and secured from external damages. Neo Online slim black jewel CD case has a rectangular back, a disc shaped tray and a transparent cover. A printed leaflet on the top of lid can be inserted.

  • CD Jewel Case Six 6 Way

Neo Online provides the ultimate storage solutions. Our six-way CD case is specifically designed for storing 6 CDs together within a single case. Storing multiple CDs at same place organized and protected has never been so easy!

  • CD Slim clear case

Neo Online slim and clear CD case is ideal for single CD storage. It is light weight yet reliable and long lasting because of the high-quality material used in it.

  • CD Jewel Case Single with Black Tray

CD Jewel Case single with black tray has no rough edges like other CD cases. Ideal for both domestic and professional use. CD Jewel case feature a black tray. <H2> DVD cases at Neo Online:

  • Black 3-way triple DVD case

Black 3-way triple DVD storage case can hold up to 3 DVDs. It comes with literature clips on the inside that help in holding manuals or other documents. The transparent cover on the front and back of the DVD case allows easy insertion of labels or artwork.

  • Black single DVD case

Black single DVD storage case is ideal to replace an original shop case. It is a standard case for holding single disc and designed to provide the ultimate protection to the disc from scratches and dust.         Double DVD Case Double black DVD storage case can hold up to 2 CDs or DVDs. Its commonly known as a Standard double DVD case and has a special feature of a push-button hub that allows easy removal of discs. It quality is high end

  • Black 4-way DVD Case

Black 4-way Quad DVD 14mm case is designed in a way that it’s tray can hold 1 disc on each side, it has the capacity of storing 4 DVDs together. It also comes with a clip to hold booklet. The DVD storage case is manufactured with the material and design that will protect your DVDs from external damages like scratches.

  • AMARAY DVD Single

This Amaray DVD storage case is the premium highest-grade DVD case available at Neo Online. The Amaray Single black DVD storage case is much more environment friendly and cost-effective. It is available at NEO Online in the packing of 50 units per carton. The more you buy the more you save. You can find it in different colours. Moreover, it has clips for a single or twin tray converting the case from a single to double or even triple disc pack.

  • Black 6 Way DVD Case

Storing DVDs has never been so easy! NEO Online product 6-way black DVD storage case is specifically designed to cater your needs of keeping multiple DVDs at the same place instead of getting a separate case for each DVD. The strength of the case is second to none and designed for giving strength just where you need it, to maintain product performance by having the capacity of holding 6 DVDs. NEO Online is a well trusted name for its quality products and for providing ultimate storage solutions. NEO Online has got you sorted with the above range of CD/DVD storage cases where each case is designed to meet individual needs. You no longer have to worry about your CDs/DVDs getting damaged. Check out our entire range of CD and DVD storage cases!

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