What Should You Be Playing Your Vinyl On?

FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A TURNTABLE All music fanatics who are looking at an expansion over the course of Christmas this year could surely be on the lookout or a new vinyl record player out there. Lately, as you might have heard, there has been somewhat of a revival or a fresh breath of air as vinyl are suddenly cool again. So it is understandable that a lot of people are now in the market looking for new vinyl record players to enjoy their favorite music on. Then there those who are following suit and searching desperately in their storerooms or attics for old vinyl records to play, such people might also be in the market to find a new vinyl record player. If you’re looking for some much-needed help to find the correct record player for you, Which? Is here to help you out. First and foremost, it is much preferable that you steer clear away from the cheaper models of record players. They will not provide you the best experience that you might be looking for. They might scratch the record or won’t produce a higher quality of sound etc. The other factor to take into consideration would be to reject any turntables which have the built-in speakers. That is because they cause several issues such as vibrations generated by the speakers hamper the needle as it moves through the grooves of the record. But it provides a handy solution and a quick fix to your craving to listen to your music collection. This again means that the sound quality will be lacking. It is ideal is to buy such a turntable and connect it to your stereo system or external speakers if you have them. The same helpful website also suggests taking the time to look up the specifications for the different array of record players in the market. It might help you to figure out if they utilize a moving magnet or a ceramic cartridge, the latter of which will certainly help provide a crisp quality of sound which is exactly what you want when you’re listening to your favorite music. Another important tip is to give some thought and be mindful of the fact whether the record player has a preamp. It’s a necessary specification, after all, you’re investing in should be worth it. The preamp amplifies the electric signal from the cartridge before it passes into the hi-fi and its essential in knowing that you can hear your records properly. The importance of investing in the correct turntable is jutted as important as investing in a vinyl storage box as something which is a collectible deserves such attention. Moreover, such a collectible which is an antique while also being something close to your heart if it belongs to someone who passed it onto you as a gift, such things deserve our care. But what will you do when you get your hands onto your brand-new record player, what tunes will you groove along with? There are plenty of modern artists out there who are STILL putting their songs on vinyl records for everyone who’s a vinyl fan to take full advantage of. That is of course in case if you were wondering to listen to something other than the classic hits. For example, recently the world-famous singer, Rihanna released a complete set of her eight albums on vinyl. 5 out of these 8 have been seen on vinyl for the first time ever. The collection also includes a 200-page book and boasts about 15 total records for you to store. This substantial increase in records might be alarming if you are unprepared and do not have any spare cd storage boxes laying around. But that might not be the case if you’re a lifelong vinyl record fan, you just might have an impressive vinyl storage cases just to show off to anyone who is lucky enough to lay eyes on it. If you have the original boxes in pristine conditions, you can call for the highest price around if you should choose to sell it. If the boxes are signed by the artist in question, well the more the merrier you get when you set the price to sell that record. According to the Coventry Telegraph, the most sought out record in the world right now would be Ringo Stars’ copy of the white album which belongs to the iconic Beatles. The Beatles’ drummer sold his copy of the white album in an auction which was conducted in 2016. The record at that time was auctioned off at about $900,000 or £730,000 to be more precise. That is an exceeding jaw-dropping amount of money when you think that it’s just for a record which plays some old classical songs but clearly it’s much more than that.

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