Eco-Friendly CD Cases: Green CD Packaging Alternatives That Are Worth Trying

Do you know that, after audience travel, CDs are considered the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the music industry? Every year, thousands of discarded CDs and plastic CD cases clog up the landfills, where they remain for ages because they’re essentially nonbiodegradable.

Our CDs are manufactured from optical grade polycarbonate (OGP). OGP cannot contain recycled content because the plastic needs to be very pure for a laser to read the disc – but disc replication and duplication materials themselves cause insignificant harm – the real culprit is nonrecyclable plastic-based disc packaging.

Thankfully, there’s a way to change that. We can reduce up to 95% of these emissions by using eco-friendly and recyclable CD cases instead of traditional plastic CD storage units like jewel cases, shrink wraps and other CD packaging solutions that rely on non-recyclable plastics.

If you’re on the lookout for green CD packaging options, you’ve landed at the right spot! Whether you’re looking to organise your personal collection or you’re in the business of distributing CDs, here are some choice eco-friendly CD cases  from our collection that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and go green:

  1.  Peal & Seal Card Envelops

Also known as cardboard jackets or cardboard CD sleeves, peal & seal cardboard envelops  are a great green alternative to nonrecyclable films and toxic plastic sleeves because they’re manufactured from recycled material.

Peal & seal cardboard envelopes are considered a green staple because they’re budget-friendly and simple to use. They also protect discs against dust, direct sun, and stains.

 In addition to that, peal & seal eco-friendly CD cases by Neo Media look nothing like the usual dull, drab and rough-edged cardboard sleeves in the market. Our envelopes are a professional shade of white, with a polished surface to keep your discs scratch-free.

  • Staple Paper Sleeves

Lightweight, affordable and convenient, paper sleeves  are also considered a standard CD storage unit. While you can use them for short-term storage, paper sleeves work best for shipping CDs and DVDs or distributing them.

Our paper sleeves are super easy to use because of their simple flap and slit design. Each sleeve, manufactured from bright white high-quality paper, features a central window.

Paper sleeves are a great option for temporary storage or transportation because they weigh less than plastic CD storage units and are eco-friendlier. They are also popular because they are an inexpensive (esp when bought in bulk) way to keep your discs safe against direct sun and scratches. 

  •  Poly Sleeves

Poly sleeves  or PP sleeves, short for polypropylene sleeves are plastic sleeves that are very easy to recycle and hence an eco-friendly and durable way of storing CDs.

Poly sleeves are made from polypropylene, a non-toxic  thermoplastic that is very easy to reuse and recycle. PP plastic also offers optimal protection to CDs because it is a high density, high-strength plastic that is also anti-static and scratch-resistant.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality eco-friendly CD storage units that do not compromise on protection, pp sleeves are what you need to try. PP sleeves by Neo Media are made from the best material. That’s why investing in them is a durable and long-lasting way to protect your CDs, especially if you’re storing them or transporting them.

  • Card Sleeves with Thumb Cuts

Card sleeves with thumb cuts  are just like peal & seal envelopes, except even better because they’re easier to use. Made up of the high-quality and scratch-resistant card, card sleeves are a great way of keeping your discs safe from surface scratches, stains, dust, and sun.

Card sleeves by Neo Online are made up of smooth white cardboard with a polished finish. They feature little thumb cuts on the side so you can take out your CDs and re-insert them easily. Our quality, scratch-resistant card sleeves are the greener choice because they’re made of recycled material.

  • Card Mailer Stiffeners

Card mailers  are larger envelops made from stiff varieties of cardboard. They are primarily used for CD shipping, distribution as well as short-term storage but they’re also very versatile and you can use them to mail other valuable items such as your documents and vinyl records.

Card mailer stiffeners are made from recycled paper and but they can also be stiff and scratchy. That’s why you should first put your discs in a more sturdy and safer eco-friendly CD case and then put them in a mailer.

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