8 Of The Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

So Christmas bells are already ringing and with just a few days more to go, its time for you think about what gifts are you going to give to your friends and family. While books and chocolates have always remained favorites of the many; it appears that these classics do not always resonate well with the tech freaks. We at neo-online are a team of teaching freaks obsessed with gadgets and accessories and considering the excitement of our fellow tech freaks, we are offering crazy discounts on some of our most loved and demanded gadgets and accessories. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift for your techy friend, you are at the right place. 2019 has brought a lot of innovation in the world of gadgets and accessories. We offer you a wide range of options across different categories to choose from. We have assembled a list of top tech gifts trending in 2019.
  1. Gaming Chair & Gaming Desk
Tech freaks are gamers by disposition. 99% of your friends who are into tech are also into gaming. Gaming today is not as easy and simple as it used to be. Gaming today is much more sophisticated and requires gamers to be sharp and vigilant. Enthusiastic gamers are giving up on those old office chairs and are getting special chairs designed for gaming. Similarly gaming desks are also becoming increasingly popular amongst the gaming community as they make the gaming experience more enjoyable. We are offering a wide range of gaming chairs and gaming desks and are also offering special Christmas discount so is the best time to grab the offer.
  1. Genius HS-M435 – headphones with mic
Genius HS-M435 have made a lot of buzz lately as they are the have superior sound quality and the mic attached is also great. Genius, a leading name in accessories manufacturing has launched Genius HS-M435, a sophisticated headset engineered with renowned noise cancellation. They might be a bit on the expensive side but we are offering a special Christmas discount so avail the offer ASAP as we might run out of them soon.
Our NEO 140W E scooter is another of our cool hipster products. Our electric scooter is an upgraded version of the 120W scooters featuring an aluminum footplate and folding mechanism. The 140-watt electric scooter has 6″ solid tires and a rear drum braking system. It is a really cool gift for someone who scoots and bike riding.
If your techy friend is also obsessed with movies and TV shows, it is a nice idea to get him good and reliable speakers. You might be thinking that good speakers that offer superior sound quality and have an extended life period might be expensive, but we are offering Genius SP-U115 speakers at lowest price you could imagine. The sound is quite nice, even for casual music listening. They are perfect for listening to tv shows and such. They might appear small and fragile but are reliable and will last for years.
  1. Quad Lock Bike Mount
Got a friend who likes gadgets and cycling in equal measure? This bike mount is the perfect present if so. It can attach easily to the handlebars so as to hold their smartphone in place, so they can explore new routes with ease and also make good use of all their fitness tracking apps. It also comes with a weather-resistant cover so biking in the rain still works.
  1. Texting gloves
It’s cold outside so wearing gloves is a must until at least March, but how can we all be expected to go about our normal business without being able to press the buttons on our smartphones and other touchscreens? The answer is simple with these texting gloves that have conductive threading stitched into the fingertips so you can stay connected without freezing your hands off. Plus they look fashionable as well so its a win-win.
  1. Vector Luna Smartwatch
This watch is really something that would go down well on December 25th. The battery lasts for up to 30 days, it’s water-resistant and it’s compatible with Windows 10, Android and iOS smartphones. It has lots of smart features included, such as text and email alerts, weather warnings, social media, smart home controls and even a fitness calculator. It’s never been easier to stay super organized.
  1. The Panoramic Pod
This would make a great little stocking stuffer as it’s so very reasonably priced. It allows people to take completely seamless panoramic photos thanks to a wind-up mechanism that rotates smoothly 270 degrees. What could be better? We hope this list helps make Christmas a bit easier! What are you planning on shopping for? Let us know what’s on your Christmas list this year.

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