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DVD Beats Blu-Ray – 5 Reasons to Choose DVDs 

The battle of choosing between a DVD or Blu-ray disc for a better viewing experience and quality is not going to end anytime soon. Although both discs are of similar size and shape, they have their differences. Where DVD has replaced VHS in 1996/97, Blu-ray has replaced DVD in recent times. 

You will find Blu-Ray more reasonable in most aspects, such as maximum storage capacity, versatility, and improved image resolution. Still, the use of DVDs is preferable due to several reasons.  

5 Reasons That Make DVD Worth Your Money 

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1. Watching Movies with DVD 

Buying Blu-ray for binge-watching the latest series sounds perfect but buying Blu-ray for the sake of watching a single movie sounds absolutely wrong, especially if you are not a fan of watching one movie on repeat, are not a regular watcher, or not planning to save the film for a lifetime. DVD is always a better pick because future-proof Blu-ray is costly, and purchasing it for just a movie will be a waste of money. 

Are you left with plenty of money to burn? Buy a Blu-ray only then! 

2. No Need to Buy Pricey Blu-Ray Player 

Do you have an outdated yet functional DVD player stashed somewhere? If yes, then you have hit the jackpot! 

You can have a fun time without spending extra money on expensive Blu-ray disc players that cost not less than $100 on average. Adding to your surprise, for a portable Blu-ray disc player, you will be paying up to $310. So, why not make use of your old DVD player?! 

Even if you want to purchase a new one, you can save big by buying either a simple ($50 on average) or portable ($70 on average) DVD player. 

3. DVD Goes Well with Smaller Screens 

DVD is a perfect option for individuals who have no big TV screens. Yes, Blu-ray comes with a higher resolution. But what’s the chase if you cannot feel any difference between Blu-ray and DVD when watching on smaller screens as resolution becomes insignificant. DVD can be your valuable resource for diving into movies, too. 

4. Desperate Fan of Old Movies 

 A question of time for individuals with old souls who prefer watching 80’s or 90’s series, movies, and TV shows is, “will Blu-ray provide you with the old movies?” Well, absolutely not. In fact, you cannot find such movies streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu. Here comes the DVD, saving you from missing out on your favourite old blockbusters and letting you watch them repeatedly. 

5. Subtitles and DVD 

People who are crazy about watching movies, series, and shows in different languages, such as Spanish, French, Indonesian, African, etc., are always conscious about subtitles, and Blu-ray provides much sharper subtitles than DVD. Luckily, no one can tell the difference if watching on the small screen. 

Save your money, buy a DVD with subtitles, and share your favourite movies with your loving friends. 

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