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The Difference Between DVDs and CDs 
DVDs are an amazing storage medium. Compared to CDs, they are an inexpensive way to store large amounts of digital data. DVDs are also ideal if you need to store films or movies with video and sound. That is why a lot of music distributors and movie enthusiasts still rely on DVDs to keep their media safe. DVD r capacity allows it to store enormous amounts of data and that is a huge plus, especially if you need to archive data for personal or professional use on an everyday basis.

Our recommendation 
Here at Neo Online, we are committed to making data archival easy for all our customers. That is why we bring you this line up of affordable and high-quality data storage media. Browse through our range of DVD r to find disc packages that suit your storage needs and requirements. We source our blank discs from the best and most reliable brands. Find Kodak discs, HP DVD r, Maxell, or pick Neo Media’s exclusive range of printable DVD r to save more.

What Else Does Neo Online offer?  
Along with DVD - R, we also offer other accessories that can keep your DVD collection neat, labelled, and organised. Pick our rounded tip pens to label your discs or explore our range of amazing DVD storage boxes to organise your collection.