Verbatim DVD Disc


Verbatim DVD+R uses Verbatim’s AZO Technology which makes any recording superior quality. The broad compatibility of Verbatim’s discs make them ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music. These dual Layer printable discs also provide a massive 8.5GB (2.6 for 8cm products) storage capacity. 

The double layer disc has a substrate surface that sits in between each recording layer, this is what allows the laser beam to record on each side. Once the first layer has been recorded, the laser re-focuses to record on the second layer. As well as the latest speeds, Verbatim media is also available with a printable surface. Colours printed onto the disc surface are now as rich and deep as the original. Wide printable surfaces are also available so an image can be printed on disc surface which allows you to customize however you like!

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