Current state of Paper Wastage

In todays day and age paper wastage is as big of an issue as it used to be at the start of this decade. Though people may say otherwise because of the recent hue and cry for climate change and conservation but statistics tell another story entirely. The average office employee uses about 10,000 sheets of copier paper per annum which goes to show that the problem is still a big challenge to overcome. Its staggering to see that over 7,000 of the 10,000 used is utterly wasted. But therein lies the question, where did this stupendous amount of paper get used and wasted? The answer to that question is simple, it’s as simple as not printing on both sides or to make to many copies and duplicates of the same document. It could also be the case that people may sometimes forget that they put a document in the printer. This transitions well into when we need to use paper for genuine reasons as most people in your office would prefer a paper copy than something on their computer screens. In most cases where ideally paper would be used is to produce presentations or when you need everyone’s attention when making a makeshift no tech zone where people are not distracted on their phones and other devices and can easily focus on the task at hand. Using the same paper repeatedly and for reasons out of the ordinary as well can get a bit stale. It is not something ideal when you are communicating and trying to expand your brand to farther corners or avenues. These days in this digital day and age there have been very exciting advancements and additions to paper qualities as well. although it is expensive, the paper does a tremendous job at what its intended to do. Here are some instances where you most certainly need a high quality of paper:
  • You should use high quality paper when you are designing a catalogue of any sort or any cookbooks or even marketing brochures as the quality is a showcase pf what your brand and organisation have to offer with the different customizable options when it comes to paper quality with different styles.
  • Producing reports is no easy task and if they are yearly reports which are going to go rounds in the office keep in mind to use a better quality of paper than you would use normally to make the copies of those reports.
  • When using a personal approach with letters utilize the brand headed note paper when sending them to people in your organization or outside the organization to customers supposedly. Ensuring a mint quality of paper can help bolster your efforts of improving public relations and professional image for yourself and the organization you work with simultaneously.
The Morality of Paper Wastage Climate change is at its worst in the recent years and millions and billions of people have been affected by it all over the world. These people have lost their livelihoods to wildfires, rogue tsunamis and hurricanes, drastic temperature changes. One of the main contributors to this rogue climate change is deforestation. And deforestation is the act of clearing out forests for lumber or to have wood and raw materials for various reasons including paper as well. It is no secret that paper is produced from wood pulp. We as a human need to be more responsible towards our usage of all naturally based by-products as there are many consequences sure different NGOs are trying to stop excessive deforestation but in the meanwhile we can help the case by using our paper and fulfilling our paper need with a touch of ethical responsibility. Putting an end to paper wastage Ending paper wastage completely is not an easy task at all by any means and might seem inevitably impossible to begin with in the first place. But the least we can do is as an individual in our daily lives is to abide by the guidelines shared by us to help keep your persona paper wastage in check and balance. What an individual can also do is to create awareness in their personal social circles through various means in order to maximize the message of eradicating paper wastage. You can use campaigns to fund different other campaigns and NGOs which are fighting for the conservation of forests and a means to an end for climate change while it can still be steered into submission before it gets out of our hands eventually. While we are taking a look at statistics of paper wastage and where to use paper correctly and the morality of it all, we must also look at the organizations who are trying to make a differences in their own organizations to reduce the amount of annual paper wastage. Citigroup which is a huge financial service company advises its employees to use double sided copying and hope to conserve just one sheet of paper every week then this saves them about $700,000 annually. Moreover, the bank of America in the past 24 months have cut their paper consumption by 25 percent and increasing the utilization of online reports, emails, forms, lighter paper and double-sided copying Now these were some of the success stories in helping to end and reduce paper wastage and we should follow in their exemplary path to help ensure we do our part in this responsibly as well.

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