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Adding some flair to your collections  
Organise your DVD collection or bring a pop of colour to it using our coloured DVD/CD cases.Our replacement cd cases are made of high quality, breakage resistant plastic. Whether you are a seasoned DVD collector, a gamer, or a professional, you can easily reduce the clutter, colour-code your collection. Thus prolonging the life of your precious DVDs with our top-quality and durable disc storage options. Allowing you to retain your collection and use it for a lifetime!

Multipurpose Storage Solution  
Our coloured DVD cases were made specially to protect your DVDs. Each case is made of premium quality plastic and features a central gripping groove that makes sure your discs don’t fall out. The collection is readily available in a range of colours including deep red, brilliant blue, and parrot green. You can also use our DVD storage cases as replacement cases if you have lost your original case.