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CD Carry Cases and CD Storage Box are essential accessories every music and movie enthusiast needs. Are you tired of looking for your favourite CDs amidst a clutter of discs? 

Look no further! Our CD Storage/Carry Case is the perfect solution for organising and protecting your cherished music, movies, and data CDs. 

Our CD Storage Cases/Carry Cases are the perfect accessories for any music or movie enthusiast, with a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Range Of Products

Whether you're trying to find CD cases made of plastic CD cases in various colours, multiway cases, slimline cases, and DVD cases. 

Neo Online is the best place to cater your media storage needs in the UK. You can easily find all of these things online, including clamshell boxes and CD storage solutions.

Explore Our CD/DVD Storage Cases 

48 CD STORAGE CASEOur top quality nylon, user-friendly design, and premium-quality materials guarantee a long-lasting and trouble-free experience enabling you to store multiple CD/DVDs without any worry.

96 CD DVD Wallet Carry CaseProtect and organise your disc collection with the stylish, portable Neo Online CD DVD wallet carry case, crafted from quality nylon and featuring soft sleeves for 96 discs.

120 CD and DVD Wallet: Neo Online's CD DVD wallet offers an ideal packaging solution for media, combining a compact size with versatility, quality, and durability, made from premium, lightweight, yet sturdy nylon, ensuring unparalleled protection for your favourite record collection

240 Capacity CD DVD Case HolderNeo Online's black CD DVD carry case, made of professional-grade faux leather for 240 discs, is the perfect, durable solution for gamers and movie lovers to protect their collections.

400 CD/DVD Wallet Carry:  Gift the ideal media storage with Neo Online's classic black nylon CD & DVD carry, holding 400 discs – elegant and perfect for gamers and collectors.

500 CD DVD Storage Case : Neo Online's Black nylon CD and DVD wallet combines a slim design with durability, functionality, and impressive features like a handle strap and zipper, all at an affordable price.