Double CD Jewel Case with Black Tray 10.4mm spine


Our double CD case is a perfect storage solution for discs to keep them safe and secure. The custom jewel CD case features a slimline (10.44 mm) spine, high-quality transparent casing (for artwork), and a glossy black flip tray. This CD case has the capacity of storing two CDs together within one case so it works extremely well for double-disc projects.

The jewel case is made of semi-opaque, flexible polypropylene which is strong enough to protect the disc from any knocks or drops. The overall compact shape, coupled with enhanced capacity (2 CDs) makes it a perfect choice for storing part of your disc collection. So, whether you’re into the swinging 60’s or 80’s pop, this case has got you covered!

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10.4mm cd double jewel case with black tray
Double CD Jewel Case with Black Tray 10.4mm spine