CD Cases

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We have made CD storage easy, simple, and manageable by creating a diverse line-up of high-grade plastic CD cases. Browse through our range of CD storage staples to find CD cases of all types and sizes.

From space savers like half size and slimline CD cases to multiway cases that can store up to 6 CDs at the same time, from flexible jewel cases to transparent CD cases made from premium plastic, you will find all the CD storage solutions you need to organise your collection and protect your discs from dust, scratches, and damp.

Plastic CD cases are nothing short of essential. They are preferred by manufacturers, businesses, and individuals because they present an affordable way to protect CDs from exposure damage, spillage, and other environmental conditions.

Neo Online is the top provider of media packaging solutions in the UK. We supply an array of high-quality CD, DVD, and vinyl storage products in the UK.