Carry cases

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Carry cases, also known as disc wallets, are an effective way of keeping your CDs and DVDs safe and organised - especially if you have to travel with your collection a lot. Our wallet cases are made from high-quality material that is both durable and long-lasting. They are perfect for CD storage and a great alternative to DVD storage units that take up too much space.

Sleek, compact, and sophisticated, these CD DVD storage carry cases are fit for both professional and personal use. Each case features premium quality antistatic sleeves that hold discs in place, keeping them from slippage, spillages, and surface scratches.

At Neo Online, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality media storage options to UK-based individuals and businesses. That is exactly why we created our elaborate line-up of CD storage cases. You can pick from savvy faux leather CD storage cases or reliable nylon cases. You can also choose based on capacity since we have CD/DVD storage units that can hold anywhere between 50-500 discs.